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Join the 'Patient73 - GameJam 2023' and help bring awareness and understanding to the world of rare diseases through the innovative power of digital toys. This year's theme is 'Digital Toys', with a focus on exploring and educating others on the unique challenges faced by those with rare diseases through the medium of video games.

Examples can be any physical toys (dolls, Hanoi tower, legos, etc) that don't have any win/lose or rules attached to them. They should have potentially infinite replay value. 

 "Toys" are playthings without defined goals. A player uses a toy in an unstructured fashion, without pursuing an explicit goal.

The final game might be published on the Patient73 website so final patients (people with rare diseases) can have direct access to them (thus the requirement to build for webgl). But the user base may include people without them like their relatives etc. so it should be inclusive. 

Our base idea as well as to entertain everyone, thus the idea of the theme being 'Digital Toys' and not 'rare diseases' or 'digital toys with rare diseases'. We feel sharing the idea of the game jam online also helps raise awareness and get people to know the problem exists, despite not knowing 100% everything about them and that the games are not 100% related to rare diseases, we help people get to know the problem 😄.

So if you have an idea or something already done and it is not 100% related to rare diseases, maybe you can modify it a bit so it enters the context of the problem and is more inclusive, or if you are creating something new, entertainment of the patient is the key, but it should have some touches or points to raise awareness of the problem. 

Patient73 is a project focused into creation of a complete ecosystem of communications and tools related to rare diseases. The main goal is to provide information, communication channels and tools for all the community affected by this rare diseases.

The games in the competition will need to be developed using the Unity 3D game engine, giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills and bring your ideas to life using digital toys. You can join the jam as a single person or as part of a group, whether pre-formed or formed at the jam.

Most of the event will take place online, with a dedicated Discord server to ask questions and collaborate with other participants. However, on March 28th, there will be a physical event at the 'Escola d'Enginyeria at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona', which is a key partner for the game jam, along with other universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Earn extra points for your game by making it available in multiple languages, reaching more people, and sharing the important message of empathy and understanding. And for even greater impact, receive even more points for making your game completely available in Chinese, English, and Spanish.

Also, don't forget to engage on the available social networks of the gamejam with the hashtag 'patient73gamejam'. The entries with more engagement and visibility will be ranked higher, so be sure to spread the word and get your friends and family involved.

By participating in the 'Patient73 - GameJam 2023', you can play a role in fostering a world where those with rare diseases are seen, heard, and supported through the imaginative world of digital toys. You not only have the chance to win valuable monetary prizes, but you also have the opportunity to increase your visibility as a developer or team of developers by creating content that will help raise awareness and support for those with rare diseases.

The prizes for the top games include:

  1. First Prize: 2000 € for the winning team
  2. Second Prize: 1000 € for the second-place team
  3. Third Prize:  Four awards of 500 € for Four teams selected for third-place

*Team can be an individual if you participate alone

Here's a list of requirements for the 'Patient73 - GameJam 2023':

  1. The game must be created using the Unity platform.
    1. Must work with WEBGL.
  2. The theme of the game must be 'Digital Toys' and revolve around rare diseases.
  3. You are allowed to submit more than one game per person or group, but they must all be registered at the registration time above to be part of the competition.
  4. The game should aim to educate and raise awareness about the challenges faced by those with rare diseases.
  5. The game should be accessible and fun for both children and adults.
  6. Points will be awarded for making the game available in multiple languages, with additional points for making it available in Chinese, English, and Spanish.
  7. The entry should be shared on the available social networks of the gamejam with the hashtag '#patient73gamejam'.
  8. The game's popularity and engagement on social networks will be taken into account when ranking entries.

And here is a list of the Criteria of the judges in no particular order. 

- Innovation 

- Gameplay 

- Interaction quality 

- Immediacy.  (Refers to performing behaviors that increase feelings of liking, pleasure, and closeness in the minds of audience members).

By following these requirements, you can create an impactful and meaningful game that brings awareness to the world of rare diseases through the imaginative world of digital toys.

Join the discord server here:

Visit the page of Patient73 here:

You can have a look at the legal bases of the Gamejam and more detailed information here:;=2


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Cozy digital toys inspired by Visual Snow Syndrome
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Unique73 educates about rare diseases via a toy claw game.
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fireworks for everyone
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A neato sandbox created for the Patient73 Game Jam
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Chiquipark is an interactive environment designed to be fun and educational at the same time.
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Build something
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