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After the attacks of last friday we feared we would not be able to attend a game jam we planned months ago. But then it made us realise we don't want to stop making games, even if it can prove hard sometimes.

So we're still jamming.

About what? There won't be any imposed theme. If you feel like using the viralesque logo branding this jam as some kind of theme, go for it. If you want to speak about Terror, Hope, God, Allah or Miyamoto, be our guest. And if all you want to say is that you're still jamming, you'll be at the right place.

However we don't want to restrict this jam to Paris. We feel that a lot of people, in France or everywhere may want to express themeselves with games. So we put up this page for dematerialized participations.
Then don't hesitate to add your ludo-interactive voice to ours in the coming weeks.

We may also try to meet in Paris to form team and showcase games, so stay tuned on the facebook group.

In any case, we hope to see a lot of fun, weird, stupid or experimental games made at this occasion like in any regular game jams, because whatever happens, we're still jamming.

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Lugubrious maze of feces and flames
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The oldest and longest twist to the legendary, historical and popular Tic Tac Toe.