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Create a printable game using one 1 sheet of paper. No coding experience required! Just grab a sheet of paper and get designing. Use Twitter Hashtag #PaperJam2018

You can follow me @Stuart_Lilford on Twitter to be updated about any rule changes or news related to this jam. 

Here are some examples of the kind of game you could create:

Other ideas: Origami, Mastermind, connect the dots, word search, crosswords, printable card game, boggle, printable board game, logic puzzles, narrative games


Have a look at previous jam entries for inspiration:


- Use only ONE sheet of paper, but BOTH sides CAN be used - so that if you print the game on both sides of paper it only uses one sheet (The reverse side of the paper could be used for the instructions for your game, but this isn't a requirement).

- Paper Size - This is not specified as I believe countries do this differently. For example, here in the UK A4 would be our standard paper size, but this may be different in the US(?). Just use whatever your local standard paper size is. 

- The game can be single player or it can be multiplayer. Note: for multiplayer games, you are allowed for the game to require multiple copies of the same print for each player, just as long as there is no difference between the prints. Only ONE sheet of paper can be used. You can also have multiple players using one print. 

- You are allowed to require players to do anything with the paper (fold it, tear it, write on it, anything) as long as it still only uses one sheet of paper. 

- You can use any materials or software you like to produce your prints, PhotoShop, pencils, markers, paints, MS Paint, Microsoft Office, anything you like!


Q: Is there a theme when the jam starts?

A: Yes. The theme is "Mystery & Secrets" but you can interpret it however you want! You can make the theme central to your game, or just a tiny reference. Or don't follow the theme at all. Do whatever!

Q: Is there a prize for the winning entry/entries?

A: No, the fun of participating in the jam is its own reward :)

Q: Are teams allowed?

A: Yes

Q: Can I participate with more than one game?

A: Yes

Q: Can you require your players to use dice or coin toss?

A: Yes, any number or mixture of these is fine

Q: Can I make a printable table-top RPG?

A: Yes. Any story/narrative/role playing games are fine.

Q: I don't understand something/My question isn't featured here.

A: Post something on the Jam Community Forum or get in touch with me on Twitter(@Stuart_Lilford)

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A hard-boiled detective story
A short, two page tabletop role-playing game.
A storytelling drawing game with dots and dice.
PRINT-AND-PLAY | No, seriously, it's not a game.
You are allowed to do whatever you want, no boundaries, no restrictions.
PRINT-AND-PLAY | Enjoy a narrative game with friends
Role Playing
a printable game for two players
A freeform larp-like about carp that might overeat and are maybe magic.
A printable (non-software) single player RPG
A premeditated card game featuring Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Get spooky with cubical (or other shape) ghost fights.
He's in a jar and he likes Tom Jones
Whose name is behind the mask?
A board game about making friends.
Try to shoot down pre-made paper figures, or get creative, and make your own! (Includes rules)