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Make one or more paper miniature with any kinda of character ranging from fantasy to scifi and from rpg to wargame. Any level of experience is welcomed!

Share your creation for this jam on Social media using #paperminijam !

Also feel free to join the Discord Server for the jam:

External entries:

Jon Bliss's skeleton bros

Okumarts' Heroic Mice Set

Alex's (Fold Up Toys) Melting Mystic

Zerendia's Inklings Wolkenreich


  • Entry must be a printable sheet of one of more miniature for the purpouse of gaming. You can draw both sideview characters or topdown tokens.
  • Be sure to have a easy to print .pdf in the final submission. You can include other files with it if you will.
  • The miniatures must be done during the jam duration, do not repost old miniatures.
  • You can and are encouraged to make multiple entries.
  • You can use generators to make some references, but DO NOT submit miniatures created directly from a generator and the submitted miniature should not be traced over these kind of images.
  • Only Paper miniatures are allowed, no sculpted or modelled miniature. 3D papercraft is welcomed.
  • No NSFW.
  • No character from IP rights you don't own (just call them space soldier or something).
  • Do not submit anything that would promote hate speech, bigotry and so on.

Templates and resources:

Good old GnarledMonster prepared a template you can use to make some minis. Feel free to us it:

Also here some resources and a whole forum suggested by Paper Realms:

Addendum: You are free to put a price tag over your submission to the jam! Your hard work has all the right to be make you a buck or two!

Parallel event:

This Is more of a contest than an jam, but you can find another paper mini event running from the 1st August here:

Idea Generator (Roll 1d3 + 1d10 to get some inspiration):


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