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Hey there!

This is the second short Paper Jam - an online game design "contest" with loose rules little-to-no voting. Last time I offered to run a 72h jam next month. It looked like there was some interest, so here we are!

In this jam, the themes are optional but the deadline is not. The goal is simply to hold yourself to the deadline and make a printable paper game. To help push some creative juice through our collective brains, some entirely optional themes and challenges will be provided. You may suggest some in the comments - I'll be collecting them and one will be chosen for the jam's themes.

This is the first non-trial short jam - allowing 72 hours to create and submit a game. I plan to host a 10-day version of this every 3 months for the foreseeable future. The next short jam will be one weekend long (~48-72h) in one month. January 2nd to January 30th. The next long jam (~10 days) will be in three months, starting January 30th and ending February 8th. I will continue until interest dies out, or life gets in the way.

The Themes and Challenges

These are optional constraints to spark creativity and promote innovation.

Host Theme: Clearing Your Plate (alternatively: Black Friday)

Community Theme: Soap Operas by /u/SoupOfTomato (chosen randomly from suggested themes)

Random Themes: Pretentious Artsy-fartsy, Betrayal as a gameplay mechanic, Amnesia / Limited Memory (chosen randomly from past Ludum Dares)

Challenge: Playable in Zero-G

Suggest themes on /r/paperjam: One of the suggested themes will be chosen at random and included among the other themes.

Feel free to discuss on /r/paperjam.

Follow on twitter @PaperGameJam.

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Standard Card Deck game made in ~1h for Paper Jam 1.1