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Hey there!

About 3 weeks ago I hosted the ~48-hour trial run for the Paper Game Jam - an online game design "contest" with loose rules and little-to-no voting. It's time for take two. Or one. Whatever.

In this jam, the themes are optional but the deadline is not. The goal is simply to hold yourself to the deadline and make a printable paper game. To help push some creative juice through our collective brains, some entirely optional themes and challenges will be provided. You may suggest some in the comments - I'll be collecting them and one will be chosen for the jam's themes.

This is the first of the "main" jams - allowing 10 days to create and submit a game. I plan to host a 10-day version of this every 3 months for the foreseeable future. If there is enough interest, I can also host a 72h version on off-months. Let me know if you want to see that!

Suggest themes on /r/paperjam: One of the suggested themes will be chosen at random and included among the other themes.

Here's the full post on /r/paperjam. Feel free to discuss on /r/paperjam.

Themes are up.

These are optional constraints to spark creativity and promote innovation.

Host Theme: Halloween (Skeletons, Ghosts, Ghouls, Spookiness, Jack o' Lanterns, Trick-or-treat) because of course I did

Community Theme: Time Travel (chosen randomly from suggested themes)

Random Themes: Isolation, Paints and Brushes, Destruction (chosen randomly from past Ludum Dares)

Host Challenge: Multiple Victory Tracks (suggestion by /u/sciencewarrior)


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Hyper-realistic paper-based first-person procedurally-generated dungeon-crawler
A strategy game of alternate realities
zombie, board, paper, paperjam
A printable paper (business card-sized) game