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IndieJam: The Rules

IndieJam is an event where you create a game from scratch in a weekend based on a theme.The IndieJam starts about after a LudumDare.

The theme is revealed at the start of the event.

IndieJam games are submitted to able to be jam or compo at same time.

The Jam

The Jam is the IndIeJam event for everyone. Teams, individuals, anyone that wants to come out and make something.

  1. Work alone or in a team.
  2. Create a game in a week.

You're free to use any tools or libraries to create your game. You're free to start with any base-code you may have.

You're free to use 3rd party Artwork/Music/Audio assets, or assets you previously created.

We strongly recommend you only use assets that you have the legal right to use (Public Domain, things you licensed/created, etc). If you don't have the right to use something, it is your responsibility.

Non-Video Game Entries

Board and Card game entries are allowed, but understand that they're difficult to play (you often need a 2nd player). Games that are hard to play have a hard time getting ratings.So Don't unless you want to.

The ideal Indie game can be played right in the browser, in a few minutes, alone.

The Compo

  1. You must work alone (solo).
  2. Your game, all your content (i.e. Art, Music, Sound, etc) must be created in 48 hours. ** ***
  3. Source code must be included. *

You're free to use any tools or libraries to create your game. You're free to start with any base-code you may have. At the end, you will be required to share your source code. *

TIP: Compo games are typically reviewed harsher than Jam games. If your game closely resembles a sample game that comes with a development tool, it probably wont get a good score. Be sure to fully customize, and make the game your own.

Special Exemptions for the Compo **

Where applicable, you must have the legal right to use something.

  • Fonts are allowed.
  • A logo/intro screen for you/your brand is allowed (e.g. "by Super-Great Games").
  • Photos and recordings you make of people or things are allowed, just you must acquire them during the event.
  • Content generators are allowed. In fact, they're encouraged. sfxr, the popular sound effect generator was originally created for Ludum Dare.
  • Texture masks, brushes, drums, loops, sampled instruments, and similar assets are allowed, but only if they are used to create a derivative work. i.e. a Song, a complex soundscape, a unique piece of artwork, etc. See below. ***


A good derivative transforms a work in to something new.

If you need to make reference to a well known character, then make the character your own.

Draw it to the best of your ability. Your fellow participants are mostly programmers, so don't feel you need to make good art.

"Programmer Art" is welcome (and encouraged).

Music is a highly derivative artform (I mean that in the best way possible). Songs are often constructed from samples, loops (repeating samples), virtual instruments (sometimes made of samples), or recordings (technically also a sample). Sampling is almost inescapable in music today.

To demonstrate, we'll start with a set of audio samples:

Additional Notes

  • Certain Bug Fixes are allowed. You can't add new features, but if something broke or didn't work correctly as you were finishing up, you can fix this after the deadline. You are asked to highlight the changes you make in your submission (a short change log). You probably wont get a 2nd chance with some players, but at least it wont be a problem for future players.


Your game belongs to you. After all, you made it! Indie Jam, its organizers and affiliates claim no rights or ownership of your game.

We do request the right to use your game for purpose of publicizing the event.


All participants that submit a game are allowed to judge. Games are given 1-5 star ratings in each category, or N/A where not applicable. The categories include:

Outstanding – The unexpected. Things in a unique combination, or something so different it's notable.It was Great 5/5,
Very good – You enjoyed this game a lot And was entertained.5/5.
Satisfactory– you enjoyed this game. 3/5
Okay – The game was good but not great.maybe it needed more polishing.2/5
Unsatisfactory- Not good needed more or less, could not be understood, etc. 1/5


There are no physical or cash prizes for the competition. Your prize is your product.

That said, you have a game now. What are you going to do with it?

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