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kaheetonaa with Perfection is A - B

Welcome to the p5.js Game Jam #1


This is a 72-hour game jam that is held every 2 months specifically for p5.js coders! (hosted by a coder in the p5 community)


  • Feb 17: Theme is announced + jam starts at 12pm noon GMT
  • Feb 19: Jam ends + voting starts at 12pm noon GMT
  • Feb 25: Voting ends + results at 12pm noon GMT


The theme this jam is....



You have to make a game related to OBSESSION in some way (it can just be loosely related though remember "theme" is a criteria!!)

(Because the theme is announced later than the projected time, the deadline will be extended to 2 hours - 14h Feb 19. I apologize for this delay)


Ratings is set to public, meaning everyone can rate!

There will be 4 categories to rate:

  • Enjoyment: How does the game feel? Is it fun?...
  • Creativity: How original, creative the game is...
  • Theme: Does the game stick to the theme or at the very least has some sense of the theme in it?
  • Art + Audio: Does the game have great graphics/sfx/music?...


Here are some of the rules we must all go by:

  1. Every game must be made with p5.js. This is self explanatory :)
  2. Anyone, no matter whether he or she are an experienced coder or just started their first p5.js project, can participate in the jam but those below 13 years of age should have a parent or guardian to upload their games.
  3. The majority of the game must be made during the jam. That means you cannot submit pre-made games. Yes, you can use pre-existing code/sfx/music if you have the rights but I would recommend building from scratch! :)
  4. You cannot edit your submissions after voting has begun.
  5. You must upload the game onto and pricing must be "no payments" or "$0 or donate," meaning those who simply just puts a link to the project in the description will be disqualified. Also, try to make the game easy to access; players can download and play right away, or just play the game in browser!
  6. No NSFW, gore/violence content or rude language. Keep this page as clean as your code ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Be polite! If you see any kind of bullying, you can always report!

If these rules are broken, you will be disqualified!

If you want to find teammates or join teams, this is the official discord group for this unofficial jam! :)

Well that is it! :) If there is anything confusing, just ask me in the community section! :)

There is no prize (except getting featured in future jams), but remember, this is just for fun! The sole purpose of this jam is to push this small but amazing community to thrive!! So, with that being said, have a great weekend everybody ๐Ÿ’–

This jam is organized by a coder in the community, and is not endorsed/approved by p5.js' creator/moderators. 


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