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OZR is a framework for running games in the OSR tradition.

But didn’t you hear? It’s incomplete!

It needs you!

It needs adventures, hacks, modules, add-ons, or whatever else you want to throw at it!

This is a jam for just that.

Talkin' Discord

We've got a channel for the jam over at the Pink Square discord server, a place to chat about minimalist or rules-light RPGs (or whatever really). Join in!

Submission Guidelines

Any project with even the vaguest connection to OZR may be submitted, including submissions that are system agnostic.

Projects promoting hateful or right wing ideologies can fuck off into the sea.

You can get the free—Creative Commons licensed—text of OZR if you need it on its page.


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A pamphlet hexcrawl adventure
npcs -- or pcs! -- for fantasy roleplaying games
An OZR hack adaptating Mörk Borg
Minimalist New School Gaming
6 friends and 6 fiends you can meet on your (OZR) adventures
A location generator for Oz Browning's OZR
Run in browser
Explore and survive this post-apocalyptic prehistoric land.