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A MAZE. presents


1968-2018 - 50 Years of Revolution - Ongoing!

“Out of the Frame” is the second A MAZE. Game Jam after the wonderful #melongamejam last year. For this year and in the perspective of our worldwide political crisis, Adriel Beaver, Gianluca Pandolfo and Thorsten S. Wiedemann would like to invite you to make a game inspired by the year 1968.

Make a game

  • Make a game that depicts political protest. You can go straight back to ‘68 and document the protest in your own country or how it inspired you and had an impact on your life.
  • Make a game that shows 1968 as a starting point for change until now. 50 years later how has the quality of past issues changed?
  • Take an actual political issue and make a game statement that will underline or spread the need for change in the world.
  • Games can be created alone or in teams.
  • You can submit your game to other jams, but it has to be developed specifically for and during the Out Of The Frame! game jam.

More about the theme

1968 was a year of huge social and political change across the globe. From the student revolts in Germany, the anti-Vietnam war and civil rights movements in the United States, protests and revolutions in Europe, and the first comprehensive coverage of war and resulting famine in Africa. The world would never be the same again.

People were getting together and protesting for important human values in their countries. Media was finally used by the people to spread the call for change and create a network. Creators of movies, books, music, and art used their artistic power and visibility to contribute emotions and meaningfulness to the movement.  

Wake up - Stand up - Fight for your Rights! Some goals (copied from Wikipedia) from the past are still viable, which shows us the revolution is still after 50 years not over!

History tells us that most of it had started already in the late 50s with local movements that were bringing protests on the streets, and into the media. 1968 was the peak of that global movement and inspired by each other: to mention the Black Consciousness Movement in the US, the student movement in West-Germany regarding the removal of government officials with Nazi pasts and for the rights of students, Prague Spring, and the students and worker protests against dictatorship in Spain, not to forget the protests in Mexico, France, Italy and Scandinavia.

Out of the Frame! honors the courage, the wisdom, and the power of people who were standing up for each other and fighting for the same rights for all humans.


We don't accept any discriminatory content based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, etc. If we see any content that seems to go against this rule, we may take any action we deem appropriate, including warning the participant or removing them from the jam.

If you have any question or concern, please get in touch with Thorsten S. Wiedemann, Gianluca Pandolfo or Adriel Beaver,

Be loud !

All games will get showcased at the A MAZE./ Berlin Festival from April 25-29, 2018

For the showcase, Gianluca Pandolfo programmes an after-the-festival released showcase-app. In order to get on our app, your exhibition build pack has to come with the following features.

Submit a Zip-Folder containing:

  • Game only Windows
  • Yourgametitle.txt
  • Inside of the txt file: description of the game (max. 120 words).
  • A line which starts with [#] developer_1, developer_2, etc.
  • Poster 600x800 as jpg or png
  • If built with Unity disable the 'Display Resolution Dialog'  

You don't have to be physically present at A MAZE./ Berlin Festival for your game to be displayed.

Get your game into The Zium Society

For this year’s A MAZE. Game Jam entrants, Michael Berto and The Zium Society will select one (or a small selection) of jam entries to be displayed, either in part or in full, in The Zium Museum's 2018 iteration.

To be eligible for a spot in The Zium, your game must be:

  • Made with Unity
  • Preferably made in a single unity scene (but not necessarily)
  • Not use any paid unity store assets (that would affect import into The Zium Project)
  • Open to collaboration on The Zium Project

Depending on the range of games submitted to the game jam, you may be asked to display your full game or a selection of your game, for example, 3D models or 2D artwork or all levels.

Michael Berto (Paws Menu, The Zium Society) is an Australian based Artist, currently writing, composing music and curating virtual museums.

About A MAZE.

A MAZE. / Berlin 2018 - 7th International Games and Playful Media Festival - April 25-29, 2018

A MAZE. / Berlin brings together international independent game developers, digital creatives and game enthusiast in Berlin. A MAZE. / Berlin is also a public festival with a mind-blowing music lineup, a hand-selected exhibition of video games, virtual reality experiences and interactive installations. A MAZE. / Berlin is a unique and cultural investigating international platform for games and playful media that invites professionals and creatives from various fields to exchange their knowledge and visions, presenting their projects, playing, making contacts to collaborate on future projects. A MAZE. / Berlin represents games beyond the mainstream and celebrates the art-form and not the product.

A MAZE. / BERLIN - #AMaze2018

Art by Maria Suckert


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hand made clicking simulator
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A short game about the 1968 protests in Paris
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Interactive Fiction
A stealth platformer, located in Berlin before the fall of the Berlin Wall
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1968, Brazil.
Draft of a narrative experience dealing with the refugee crisis, made during A MAZE Game Jam "Out of the frame" 2018