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Out of Mana is a jam that's all about experience building and creating a fun experience. Want to push yourself to your limits?! Take on all the side quests and turn off the cheats! Want to download some assets and just chill out by creating a fun game over the weekend? We have that too! Do you want to something in between? We got you covered! 

The idea is that this is a jam that anyone can enjoy!


Do you see that blue bar on the header image? That's the theme! Once the jam starts I'll upload a new image with the theme uncovered! You can also find it on the jam Discord!


                                                  Side Quests are cool optional challenges that'll be revealed 1 card per hour for the last 3 hours before the jam!
 They're essentially secondary themes you can interpret or sometimes direct challenges. Put the ones you used in your game so we know which Side Quests you dared to attempt!





There will be prizes in future Mana Jams! This first jam is a test to see how well these jams will do. But! If things go well and more of these jams go on I'll be offering prizes for different categories! 


                                                                              I {Raea} host the jam, arranged the details; and did the jam page art!


                                                                              However my little chibi dood was actually created by Lynx Dev!


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Doom-clone with rhythm elements
Jam Project - Mayan Temple Survival
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Take control of users VR experiences as the newest smart headset SMART HEART! Will you kill them or let them have fun?!
A puzzle platformer where the map changes with each jump!
just broke up RIP grieve baby grieve
Interactive Fiction
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