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Our Little Food Jam is a tabletop RPG jam focused on the tastes and sensations we remember from our lives, the littlest treats we've made, eaten and loved.  Submissions due on October 28th.
Note: Due to the busy nature of both hosts' schedules in preparation for Big Bad Con 2019, this game jam will be run very casually and informally - moreso than usual game jams. Take your time, eat good things, and have fun!


Our Little Food Jam has only three main rules, with some small notes:

  1. Write an analog roleplaying game only (i.e tabletop, LARP) of any length.
    1. This includes hacks, supplements, standalone games, etc.
    2. You may resubmit already created games - even ones from other game jams, into this game jam.
  2. Your game must focus on the theme of "Our Little Food", your interpretations of the term and what they may inspire.
    1. "Little Food" might represent the subtle memories you have of tasting, food that you take for granted, treats of small sizes, or small flavours that lasted on your impressions, or more!
    2. "Our" implies a sense of ownership or transference; think cultural practices you had at the table, the people you shared food with and still do till this day, or recipes you proudly call 'your own'.
    3. Although it is highly recommended for participants to avoid the highly corporate world of fast food, junk food, and consumerist brands - it is totally valid and allowed to do so.
  3. Have fun and be safe!
    1. Don't push yourself too hard. There are lots of game jams going on, and it's totally okay to take a break.
    2. Keep in mind your safety tools during design. You are encouraged to use this organised, easy-to-read  roleplaying games safety/support toolkit by Kienna Shaw (@KiennaS) and Lauren-Bryant Monk (@jl_nicegirl)!
    3. Provide adequate content warnings and precautions for your roleplaying game if it includes any material which can be considered adult, graphic, violent, and/or sensitive - preferably within your game, and on its main page.


It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for all participants to price their games at least $3 and above for what they submit here. This is in response to a growing need for indie designers/creators to be recognised for their services, skills and labour in the industry, and our respective communities. You work is valuable and important, and you are worth it.


This jam is organised by Flowers (@swordsnflowers / with co-host Kazumi Chin (@kazumiochin / Feel free to contact us with questions, but please note that answers will be slow and unlikely due to our *very* busy schedules during the period of this game jam.

Find other people talking about the jam on Twitter at #OurLittleFoodJam, and share your thoughts/process.


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A one-page RPG about food and community
A warm and cozy RPG about pleasant happenings
a "family dinner" game or meal-making expansion for any game
Sentimental soup making over a stove.
A kitchen game about friends and dumplings and memories
A belonging outside belonging game.
A game of making sandwiches, peace and love.