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The Oujevipo Contest #2 is a game jam organized by Pierre Corbinais and Xavier Girard. It succeeds the No Future Contest which took place in 2013 and whom games were exhibited during the Retro (no) Future Festival in Cergy (France)

For this edition, the 10 best games will be exhibited on custom made arcade cabinets in various locations, starting with La Minoterie in Dijon (France), and the very best (according to the jury) will earn a 800€ cash prize.

The Theme

The theme of this edition is KIDS, which means the games must be targeted to young kids (think 6-13 years old)

The Constraints

The games must also apply at least one of these constraints:

  • #1 Round dance: the game is a multiplayer game for 8 players or more.
  • #2 Musical chairs: a game session mustn't take more than 30 seconds.
  • #3 Whatchamacallit: the game makes use of an alternative controller.
  • #4 Doodle: the games was partly made by one or several children (concept, graphics, sounds...)
  • #5 Playing doctor: the game is focused on grown ups subjects (news, politics, sexuality...)
  • #6 Hopscotch: the game is played without hands.
  • #7 Playground: the game is inspired by a traditional children's game
  • #8 Barbie & Ken: the game plays with/diverts the gender marketing of toys.
  • #9 The Quiet Game: the game doesn't contains any text/voice (that includes title screen and instructions)
  • #10 Calvinball: the players fix the rules of the game themselves.


  • The game must be created between August 15th and September 15th (and thus submitted before September 15th 11:59 PM UTC+1).
  • The games selected for the exhibition will be announced on September 30th
  • The first exhibition will take place on October 31st at La Minoterie de Dijon.
  • The next exhibitions will be listed here.

The Jury


Should I register somewhere?
You don't have to, but if you think you'll participate, please give us your name and email address here for us to have an idea of the number of contestant (and plan the judging accordingly).

How do I submit?
Games should be submitted here, on You will have to create an account if you don't have one already (it's free). You submission should contains:

  • Your name/nickname/team name
  • A playable version of the game
  • A few screenshots
  • Whatever we need to know (instructions)
  • The constrains chosen ( might add a feature to do it easily and sort the games by constraints)
  • A video of the working alternative controller if you've chosen constraint #3
  • If you haven't done it already, give us your name/nickname/team name and email adress here for us to contact you if your game is selected.

On which platform should the game run?
The game must at least be playable on Windows.

What can I use to make the game?
Any tool and library is allowed.

Can we make a game as a team?

In which language should the game be?
French or English. If it's selected, we might ask you to translate it into from French to English or from English to French and could help you doing so.

How do the arcade building works exactly?
If your game is selected, we'll exchange with you to find the best way to display your game. We'll do our best to materialize your vision while keeping the exhibition homogenous. Just keep in mind our budget is limited: we'll make do with what we have to hand.

How does it work if I pick constraint #3, the one with an alternative controller?
Please build a working prototype of the controller (the cheapest one will do) and add a link to a video on the submission page for us to see how it works. If your game is selected, we'll either pay the controller's shipping or build it ourselves with your instructions.

Can I submit my game to another jam?
Sure! There is a Ludum Dare in August, and the contraint #8 could probably fit the theme of the FEMICOM Game Jam 2 running this month.

Since allows me to do so, can I accept payments for my game?
Sure, but please allow players to play for free in order to let the jury members try the game.


All submissions
Browser playable (10)
Windows (14)
macOS (9)
Linux (8)
Android (1)
Round dance (1)
Calvinball (2)
Musical chairs (5)
Whatchamacallit (2)
Playing doctor (3)
Playground (11)
Barbie & Ken (1)
Doodle (5)
The Quiet Game (8)

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Created for the #oujevipo4kids contest, a game for kids created with my kids.
Tell the story of The Mammoth.
Play in browser
Relaxing blob game
Play in browser
A fun, kid-friendly game of tag with a twist!
Play in browser
control a dragon robot to burn a village!
Play in browser
one button multiplayer game
Play in browser
break the floor to reach the other side of the screen before your oponnent
Who will be the king of the ring?
Play in browser
A high in vitamins version of the worldwide popular prison ball game.
Discover the whimsical world of plants as you become an intrepid bee buzzing through a flourishing garden!
Fast-paced Tamagotchi
Fun with physics, fish and destruction
Casual game
Play in browser
​This is a small game about a boy playing in his room.​
two player game based on 'shared keyboard space'
A game about learning, sharing and loving
Play in browser
Play in browser
Help the lost little girl lost to find her parents / Aide la petite fille perdue à retrouver ses parents.
Color Memory
Play in browser
arrow keys, Z, X, C and maybe more xbox 360 controller (use this if you can): sticks, right trigger, A & B bye