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Welcome to the first Old-School Essentials Class Jam! A 72-hour jam where participants make a single Old School Essentials class influenced by a given theme. The goal of this jam is to expand the class options of OSE with a flood of third-party classes. And to have a lot of fun making them.


  • Submissions must include a single class and any additional rules required for that class to tick. For example, a magic user needs a selection of spells. However, any peripheral design elements, such as spells or equipment, will not be judged as part of the class. We are not restricting the page count, but please keep them one to three pages if possible.
  • The class must strongly follow the theme. But we encourage interesting or surprising interpretations of the theme. 
  • The Old-School Essentials third-party license must be included.
  • You must also, naturally, follow the third-party license. But do not worry, it is pretty easy. Here is a blog post that explains it plainly.
  • Any art used in the submission must be legally useable by the creator.
  • Submissions will be judged on game balance, originality, and design/fun. A fourth category is Aesthetic. It WILL NOT be used to judge the winner, but we do want to show off the best artists.
  • Classes should be submitted in a PDF or JPEG form on


Theme: Seaside Adventure!

Pirates, cultists of sea gods, fish people, and more. Your class must have something to do with the phrase "Seaside Adventure".


Game Balance: Compared to existing classes, how useable is it? The class should be on par with the fighter, cleric, thief, and so on. But not overshadow them. Likewise, players should want to play the class.

Originality: How interesting and unique the class is. Creating another elf variant won't score high (Unless its REALLY unique), but something more specific will.

Design/Fun: How fun the class sounds to play and how easy it is to run. This is where the interesting mechanics and skills of your class shine through.

Aesthetic: THIS DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE JAM WINNER. How pretty the document looks. Art, layout, graphic design, and so on.

Judging and Prizes

The judges will collaborate together and select a winner. 

The judges are:

James Andrews: Developer for Dapper Rabbit Games and author of Haunt: the horror RPG, Stories from the Slough, and Gothic Horror Monsters-as-Class. Host of this game jam. 

Ktrey: Author of the blog and random table enthusiast.

Red Dice Diaries: UK Podcaster, YouTube reviewer, compulsive D&D DM and lover of Old-school Essentials. You can find his blog and links to his material at

Daniel Mark: Writer and player of adventure games. The person behind Little Maker Press and The Void Collection (


  • Stories From the Slough by Dapper Rabbit Games
  • A Guide to Thieves' Guilds by Third Kingdom Games



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New OSE Class (CW: Meat, animal consumption)
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D&D B/X OSE Seaside character class
Old School Essentials Monstrous Class - Urchin
Crawfolk are an aquatic class and species designed for use with Old-School Essentials (TTRPG)
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A beach combing, seagull speaking, sandcastle building adveturer!
A Class for Old-School Essentials.