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Hello everybody! Welcome to Orctober jam 2018!

I decided to host this jam to celebrate ORCS, a stock fantasy race too often misrepresented only as a "brutish savage" stereotype. I hope to give visibility to projects which brings new points of view and facets to this fascinating creatures.  

The jam starts October 7th and ends October 31th. 

The rules are simple: make something about ORCS

- NSFW projects are ok if properly marked as such.

- games, short stories, comics, usable assets, whatever you want. If there's an orc in it, it's all fine!

- you can also submit an old completed project, as long as it's orc-centered. Think of this jam as a sort of showcase.



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Slice-of-life RPG game with anthropomorphic characters.
Dwarves and Orc Ninjas what could go wrong?
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a Bitsy game about Orcs
Role Playing
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