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Hello and Welcome to Orbital Game Jam 6 !

Join us to talk and stay updated on





GAMEPLAY :  Everything Is Temporary


Registrations for the physical event are now closed, as we have reached our maximum capacity. But feel free to  join the Jam remotely, we will be active on Discord all weekend! 


• What's a game jam ? 

       It's a week-end during which we form small teams and create a game from scratch using  the Unity Game Engine!

• What experience should I have ?

      Any experience regarding game creation is welcome! One can mention, non-exhaustively, individuals with skills in game design, music, sound design, drawing, 3D, programming, or even narration. For those less comfortable, mutual assistance will be essential, and it will be an excellent opportunity to learn!

• How do I register ?

      Just click on the 'Join Jam' button above! :) 

      This jam, organized by CLIC, the Association of Computer Science and Communications Students, will take place on the weekend of March 9th, 2024, at Satellite, on the EPFL campus. It's completely free, open to everyone (above 16 years old), and aims to be a great time for all of us! 

     Information to register for the physical event is available above.

Answers to your most common questions are below, feel free to ask other questions on our Discord!


Event Schedule : 

  • Saturday, 9th March 2024 
    • 11h30 : Doors open
    • 12h00 : Optional paid meal (you can bring your own food or ask us to reserve a sandwich for you)
    • 12h30 : Opening ceremony, gameplay theme drawing
    • 13h00 : Jam begins!
    • 19h00 : Complimentary meal
    • 21h00 : Bar closes (but you can, of course, stay all night)
  • Sunday, 10th March 2024
    • 09h00 : Bar opens, complimentary breakfast
    • 13h30 : Jam ends!
    • 13h40 : Complimentary meal
    • 14h30 : End of the meal, start of presentations and prize distribution
    • 16h30 :  End of presentations, free play, closing ceremony
    • 17h00 : Official end.


Some rules...

• If you cause any trouble in any way (property damage, violation of laws, generally stupid behavior, ...), the team reserves the right to make you leave the premises and, if necessary, make you pay for damages.

• We can accommodate about fifty people. A week before the event, we will notify you as soon as possible to let you know if you are among the lucky ones!

• Teams can range from one to five people. The form available on this page will allow you to indicate if you are coming alone or as a team. It will be possible to form teams on-site or even participate in multiple projects if you have a lot of talent to share.

• We will provide real meals for you, as well as snacks and drinks (partly paid). You can bring your own food and drink if you wish. Participants are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages.

• If you have any problems, contact an organizer - we'll help as best we can!

• In general, this event is meant to be relaxed, with (not too much) spirit of competition, and especially without any hassle. If you sign up, you commit to playing the game while making games.


Q&A : 

Q: Where is it? A: At Satellite Bar (Sat' for insiders), on the EPFL campus.

Q: How much does it cost? A: It's free ;).

Q: What equipment will be available to create my game? A: Nothing. We let you bring all the necessary equipment yourself.

Q: Can I participate remotely? A: Yes. It's also online!

Q: I don't want to participate, but I'm curious - can I come take a look? A: Absolutely, the event is public. We invite you to announce your presence on Discord or by email.

Q: Can I register if I'm under 16? A: No, unfortunately, the Orbital is reserved for people over 16.

Q: I have no skills in video games, can I still register? A: Yes! Although it is recommended to have at least some basics, the event is also for discovering new horizons! Moreover, it is possible to work on "non-video" games if you are interested, such as card games or board games.

Q: I don't have any groups, is that okay? A: No problem, you can definitely find people to join, whether for a whole project or to lend a hand.

Q: I already have my game ready, can I come with it? A: No. The idea is to create a video game in a limited time from scratch. You have to play the game!

Q: I need my eight hours of sleep! Where do I sleep? A: You are free to go home! Otherwise, let us know, we will try to provide beds in the EPFL bunker.

Q: Can I bring [something] without them participating? A: No problem! Try to let us know in advance! Note that meals are reserved for participants.

Q: Can I... A: Probably!

Q: Sure? A: When in doubt, ask. 🤷‍♀️

Q: How do I find my way around? A: Google Maps is your friend :)


Our partners and sponsors

We would like to thank Satellite, and Logitech for their (almost) unconditional support year after year. A big thank you to them!

Want to help us organize this event? Write to us at, with the subject "Orbital Game Jam" !


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Orbital Game Jam 6
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Everything is temporary, but there's beauty to be found.
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This dumb sorcerer gave you a temporarity curse: everything you touch disappears! Wait... Everything? Time for revenge.
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Find your way through a forest where danger is ever-present, but everything is temporary...
Orbital Jam submission
Visual Novel
Platformer made during the Orbital Game Jam 6 - Mirkwood Edition.
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Don't wake her up... Escape the Giant Spider's Gaze
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Decay and Growth both want to see Dark Wood change
Restore your forest's former splendor and majesty as the Aent of Mirkwood
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Survivors-lite with merge elements
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Escape the woods avoiding getting void out
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Will someone think about the shareholders ?
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