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Welcome to the 9th Optical Jam!

We are happy to be back with another great month of developing. Every month we host a week long event that will challenge you and make you all stronger developers. We use an image instead of a written prompt. The prompt is usually an abstract/minimalist image which allows the creator to use their creativity and make a game based on what they see.

The theme will be presented on November 12th:

Be a part of Lemon

Lemon is BACK! We are planning to develop a much more polished, in-depth version of this witty little indie game.  If you would like to be a part of the game, check us out on Kickstarter. We offer some neat perks such as behind the scenes content, extra challenge levels, and even the opportunity to add your own artwork, music, or message IN-GAME! Thank you for your support.

Check us out on Kickstarter by clicking the image below

Download the free demo here:

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Get your game played LIVE

After the jam, get your submission played by Tiger_J. He is a developer who is very insightful and will provide some fantastic feedback. I highly recommend everyone to tune to see all the games get played. 

Click the image down below to check out his channel.


1) You are free to use any tools to develop your game 

2) If you wish to team up, your team can be no larger than 2 developers 

3) Premade assets are allowed as long as you follow the conditions provided by the creator 

4) Please refrain from any submissions that may offend others (Keep it "safe for work") 

5) While pre-made assets are allowed, it is encouraged that you start a new project for this jam and refrain from using a pre-existing project

Our 2nd Optical Optimize in December!

Starting December 8th we will have our 2nd Optimize event. This event challenges developers to improve a pre-existing project of theirs from a previous jam (does not have to be an Optical Jam game). The idea is to track how much you can improve the game in 7 days. Dust off that old prototype and make a full game or fix those bugs you've been putting off. This will be the time to do it!

A special thanks to TigerJ for his patronage on Patreon. If you would like to support Optical Jam, check us out by clicking the link below
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Can you escape before your flashlight dies?
An alien's home breaks apart. She wishes for it in one piece again. :c
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