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The theme for the jam is: UNCONVENTIONAL WEAPON


Welcome to the 5th tri-annual OPR Writing Jam!

This is a 48hr story writing marathon, focused on writing one-page stories set in the OPR universe. The writing jam runs from August 19th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time, to August 21st, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time.

Join the OPR Discord server to chat and share ideas:

Submission Rules:

  1. The story has to follow the theme: Unconventional Weapon
  2. The story must fit on a single sheet, using the template provided here:
    • The story must be at least 500 words long, and at most 1000 words long.
    • The story must be set in the OPR universe (Grimdark Future, Age of Fantasy, Warfleets: FTL, etc.).
  3. Every story must be submitted along with the following:
    • A visual moodboard for the story. We recommend using BeFunky (it's free):
    • (Optional) Pictures of tabletop miniatures that inspired the story, gaming tables, etc.
  4. Once the jam is over, you MUST vote on at least 15 submissions, or else be disqualified.

Please make sure to submit your story in .pdf format so that it's easy for everyone to read it on mobile and desktop!

Example of a what a correct submission should look like:

Read the background stories from the faction books to better understand the OPR universe:

Check out the last jam for more examples:

Here's everything else you need to know:

  • Who can submit? Anyone can submit a story,  and you may work alone or in teams.
  • How many stories can be submitted? Each participant may only submit one story.
  • Who will judge the stories? The stories will be judged by the public, and then we will highlight the top 3 voted stories on the OPR website. There is no winner or prize, it's all just for fun!
  • What will the stories be judged on? This is a contest in interesting and original writing set in the OPR universe, so it's important that stories are written to fit the setting. The criteria are "Concept & Originality", "Flow & Clarity" and "Adherence to the Theme".
  • Who has the rights on stories created during the jam? The story writers retain the rights to their own stories, and they won't become part of the OPR universe unless specifically agreed between the writers and OPR after the jam.
  • Anything else? Submissions may not contain nudity, hateful language, or hateful images.



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The Eternal Dynasty faces the Alien Hive on a distant colony, and must think creatively to triumph. OPR Writing Jam 5.
Two mighty orc clans clash over a rich planet, and single combat will decide the winner.
​An Ogre and his pet Goblin get into a spicy situation.
A short story written for OPR's Fifth Writing Jam.
In the shadows of a Ratmen Clan warren, a young scout brings the clan's mystic a relic of untold power.
A Short and Snappy story regarding Dwarf Bikers.
An HDF diplomat speaks with a High Elf Arch-Seer and learns the truth about the Alien Hives. Short Story for #oprwj5.
A wrench ain't no weapon
Saqqara's latest bandmate isn't just some walking disaster, he's an unconventional weapon...
Submitted to One Page Rules Writing Jam #5!
In trying to defend his city from the Daemonic Marauders, King Sekeph has created a weapon of mass destruction
A knight pays the ultimate price to defend his city.
Captain Maya Tem has an unexpected encounter while guiding ships through the Portal Stars.
Sadistic elf reavers descend on a planet, only to have their fun interrupted by a lone battle brother warship.
At some point, we will also have nowhere else to hide from the Alien Hive.
OPR Writing Jam #5
A Jackal Mercenary and a TAO Commander plan an escape from an Alien Hive world. Written for the OPR Writing Jam #5
Submission for OnePageRules jam #5
A mystical journey of a halfling with an unusual drinking habit. A short story for OPRWJ #5.
A goblin arms dealer tries to sell some... rather unconventional weapons
A squad of Battle Brothers fight against a Snatcher Lord.
A short story of an escape, a fall and a bite.
The history of a doomed planet and its last act of resistance.
There can still be hope for the lost
OPR Writing Jam #5 (submitted by Father)
Do warriors dream of electric robots?
Can words defeat steel? A submission for the #5 OPR writing jam.
An Eternal Dynasty ninja works alongside an unconventional partner in the form of an orc commando.
A downloable short story
A dead world seems to have come to live