This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-05-13 19:00:00 to 2022-05-15 19:00:00. View results

The theme for the jam is: DESIGN BY SUBTRACTION

Read more about the theme here:


Welcome to the 5th bi-annual OPR Game Jam!

This is a 48hr game making marathon, focused on creating one-page miniatures games. The game jam runs from  May 13th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time, to May 15th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time.

Join the OPR Discord server to chat and find a team (if you want one):

Submission Rules:

  1. The game has to follow the theme: Design by Subtraction
  2. The game must fit on a single sheet, using the template provided here:
    • The front page must contain all of the game's core rules.
    • The back page may optionally contain rules on unit creation or special rules.
  3. Every game must be submitted along with the following:
    • A visual moodboard for the game. We recommend using BeFunky (it's free):
    • (Optional) Pictures of you playing the game, the miniatures, the table, etc.
  4. Once the jam is over, you MUST vote on all the other submissions, or else be disqualified.

Please make sure to submit your game in .pdf format so that it's easy for everyone to read it on mobile and desktop!

Example of a what a correct submission should look like:

Check out the last jam for more examples:

Here's everything else you need to know:

  • Who can submit? Anyone can submit a game,  and you may work alone or in teams.
  • How many games can be submitted? Each participant/team may only submit one game.
  • Who will judge the games? The games will be judged by the public, and then we will highlight the top 3 voted games on the OPR website. There is no winner or prize, it's all just for fun!
  • What will the games be judged on?  This is a contest in simple, clear and interesting design, so gameplay and readability are more important than complexity and simulation. The criteria are "Concept & Originality", "Mechanics & Clarity" and "Adherence to the Theme".
  • Who has the rights on games created during the jam? The game creators retain the rights to their own games, and they won't become part of OPR's catalogue of games unless specifically agreed between the creators and OPR after the jam.
  • Anything else? Submissions may not contain nudity, hateful language, or hateful images.



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Teams of adventurers compete to take down a monster in this dexterity coin game.
A One page 4X game for 2-4 Players!
Fights spill from boardrooms to streets as vitae spills to the earth. Now is the time of monsters.
Just as you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you see the ominous dark shape of a rival vessel break through the fog.
Simple Wargame on a large scale
A low model number, narrative-driven wargame.
A Time-Bending 28mm Miniatures Skirmish Game
Short tapletop dungeon-crawler for 2-4 people. onepagerules
You want wasteland racing but better? Then you want this!
Play as a robot consuming a post apocalyptic world to avoid entropy for as long as possible.
Fools fighting over the ashes of empire.
A miniature game where two group of fools fight each other with slaps, punches and flying bottles.
Dudes and Agents go head to head to collect or protect radical data!
A short skirmish game about building fighting robots
A boardgame
Fast small skirmish miniature game with card based system for your wild west themed gunfights