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Welcome to the OpenGameArt Winter Game Jam 2020 !

This game jam is about creating games using assets from .

Also, for the 2nd time, this is a "special jam", where you are encouraged to work on ideas from the OGA community.  

Voting Criteria: Story/Narrative • Gameplay • Graphics/Artwork • Music/Sound • Overall


1. You are encouraged to use ideas proposed by other people from OpenGameArt, at least take inspiration from one of these ideas. See the following list : . If you are one of the people who proposed an idea, don't work on your own idea, choose one proposed by someone else.

2.  All  art assets used in your game must be either already be on or made available on before or at the end of the jam. This means if you didn't find the assets on, you must have permission to submit them under one of's licenses.

Using commercial assets that you do not have the rights to use is not permitted.

3. Exceptions to rule 2 are given for game logos, cover arts, banners and other promotional material : do not upload them on OGA.

4. You can re-use some old code, no problem with that.

5.  You must credit the Author of the assets used, even if it's not required by the license.   Credits should list for each asset : the title, the author, the URL, the license. They should be accessible with a 'Credits' menu on your title screen.

6. Also credit the author of the idea you worked on, for example : "original idea by XXX", or "inspired by an idea from YYY".

7. The game must not promote any sort of discrimination or contain things that could cause offence. Avoid putting excessive violence in the game.


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