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Welcome to's Spring Game Jam 2023

This game jam is about creating games using assets from

Since 2009 the community at OGA have been creating assets and submitting them for developers to download at no cost. The site has a huge database of artwork, music, and sound effects for 2D and 3D games, from sprites to tile sets, textures, backgrounds, and everything between, all for free!

Lets see what great games you can make with these great assets!  

The Rules:

1) Game must be made from the start of the jam.

Planning ahead is ok.   Sketches, design documents, paper level designs, and other general 'Pre-Production' steps are allowed before the jam starts.   Searching for and collecting assets from beforehand is also allowed.  You may even work on expanding existing OGA art assets, or creating new ones as needed before the jam starts.  

You can use ANY game engine/software you desire, as long has you have the license/permissions to do so. Gamemaker, Unity, Java, HTML, scratch etc, or even you own created engine if you like.

However, any game-specific coding, protoyping, gameplay testing etc. in advance is not allowed.  

2) You MUST use art from a minimum of 6 different works on 

**Note: one submission URL = one work** 

You can use other assets as well, so long as you have the rights/permissions to use.   If you are unable to find anything suitable for your project on OGA, you can create your own assets, but you must upload them to OGA website BEFORE the end of the jam for them to be considered as part of the 6 asset rule. By doing so you are also contributing to a great community, and we would love to see it.

3) You must credit the Author of the assets used, even if it's not required by the license.   

**You must do this via a 'Credits' menu on your title screen where you show a list.**

**You must ALSO do this by including a list of credits int the 'Description' section of the page for your submission.**

Credits must include: 

The Author's name or handle

The name of the work as given on

A URL pointing to the asset on

The license for the work

You must include a credit even if the asset is your own creation.  This is necessary to show that the work is available on

You must also indicate if you have made modifications to the work.  

Here's an example:

The following work was used in the creation of this game.  Modifications were made.

Title: Seasonal Platformer Tiles

Author: GrafxKid


License(s): * CC0 ( )

If you have an account with OGA, OGA's 'Collections' feature can be used to create a 'Credits File' that includes this information for you.

If you distribute the game as a downloadable file collection (Zip archive or Installer EXE, etc.), please include a README or CREDITS text file that also includes a list of the assets used with the above information. 

When modifying existing art, please consider sharing your derivatives back on!  Trivial derivatives (scaling, re-coloring, outlining) do not need to be shared back to

4) Game must not promote any sort of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) or political agendas.

5) Entries must be playable on a Windows 10 computer, either via a native executable (EXE file) or a web browser (HTML5, Unity Web plugin, etc).   Builds for other platforms are welcome but not required. Entries requiring an account or sign-up for a third-party or other service(s) will be refused.

6) No NSFW content (Violence is OK, I am talking about SMUT.) If you would be ashamed of yourself if your Mom saw you looking at it, then don't do it!

7) Have Fun!


"Green Man"

 It could be the Green Man figure from folklore, a game about painting men green, a game about a man who is green with envy, or anything else you can think of. Whatever strikes your fancy, just use OpenGameArt and make it happen!

Entries aren't ranked on the theme so it is  provided for inspirational purposes only and is entirely optional.

 There are no prizes for the winner, just the thrill of taking part! It's worth mentioning that this Game Jam has no affiliation with OpenGameArt itself, and has been put together as some of its members thought it would be good to have a Game Jam.

If you have questions about licensing or using works hosted on please consult the FAQ ( ).

And if you still have questions or concerns, don't by shy about asking for help on the forums ( ). 

You can also join the discord channel at:

Good luck everyone who participates! The OGA community is excited to see what you create with the all the great assets available! :)

The logo image for's Spring Game Jam 2023 uses art from the following OGA submissions, modifications were made.

Title: Surt's CC0 Scraps - Tilesets, Platformers, & Sprites

Author: surt


License: CC0

Title: Three Little Bitmap Fonts

Author: Buch


License: CC0

Title: New original Grafx2 font collection

Author: devurandom


License: CC0


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