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Hi, do you want an excuse to get off your petunia and make the basis for a great game? Sure, we all do. Do you want to get paid to be an open source developer? Sure, we all do.  Do you want to finally make your parents proud of you so they will let you marry that hottie you met on WoW? Sure, we most certainly all do!

Salvation is here my friend.

First place wins $150, second place wins $75, third place wins $25. Submissions will be given a week for evaluation.

The winners will be judged on the following criteria:

  • How fun it is to play.
  • How funny/silly/original it is.
  • How easy it is to understand the code.
  • How creative the project is in general.
  • How clean your commits and pull requests were.
  • Comments that point out things that are interesting about submissions.

Your work will become part of the Open Source community and will make the world a better place! You can use as many developers as you want in your repo, but you must designate and agree on a single person to accept the winnings if you win; we can't distribute 300 checks at $0.50 each :)

Winners will also receive an exclusive T-Shirt to commemorate their achievement and show all the hotties down at the coffee house. Limit one shirt per winning submission. You tell us the size you'd like when you've won.

Transactive is sponsoring the winnings. They are a new development company.

Your game source code must be hosted publically on github.  Your game must work in a web browser (No, you don't have to support IE11, just Chrome is fine) and be written in JavaScript (it's OK if you use WebPack or other tool to transpile into JavaScript though). It's OK to use anything else in your source as long as it's also open source.  Use whatever images/sounds/music/assets you'd like, as long as it's not illegal to do so.  If your game has NSFW content inside it, you must display a warning in the top of your github file.

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