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Welcome to the Out of Hibernation Game Jam, hosted by The Games Den and taking place on the Out of Hibernation Game Jam Server. Yes, that is right: this event is hosted online.

Why: Our aim is to have some fun with our friends while developing video games and bring the local game dev community together,

What: The Games Den is hosting a 48 hour Themed Game Jam, where you have the opportunity to come together with your friends (or work solo, if you are so inclined) to develop a game from the ground up (using whatever tools you have available. Don’t worry, we have a list of tools and resources available for you.) The theme will be revealed during the entrance ceremony of the Game Jam.

Where: The Game Jam will be located on the Out of Hibernation Game Jam Discord Server.

Registration: Will begin on Mai 8th from 4PM to 4:45PM. Post your team name and team members in channel #group-registration of our discord, and we will give your team its own private voice channel.

Submission: Submission will be done on THIS page. Submissions will be accepted until May 10th @ 5PM.

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Get out of your comfort zone! Entry for Out of Hibernation Game Jam
Short tamagotchi game jam game
A game for the "Out of Hibernation Game Jam". Made entirely in 48 hours.
Grow and sell your fishy friends!
Play in browser
It's game jam the game, babey!
Play in browser
Short 2d platform
explore the house of C O M F Y