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We Encorauged all people from amateur to Profesional card game creator. This jam will be ranked by everyone but the main attraction is the fun of create and play the card game you made. You must start now and you may submit more than one games.

The Goal of this game is everyone can play your game without having dice or another accessory. In my city, we don't have any accessory or even dice supply store. We only have a printer if you ask :)

We only got 1 main rules:

  1. only card games are allowed

Some things you may do:

  1. Using application is tolerable (game like unlock)
  2. You may use different size of card
  3. A stand holder is tolerable

few example:

  1. Best Tree House Ever
  2. Math Cat
  3. Circus Politicus
  4. Spyfall
  5. Codename
  6. UNO
  7. Playing Cards
  8. Monopoly The Card Game
  9. The Game of Life : Adventure Card Game
  10. Okey Dokey
  11. Bluffing Billionaire


1. Any special theme for your jam?

- No, there is no special theme in my jam. We really appreciate creativity for your card game

2. What if i need a dice or token?

- You may not use a single dice or token but you may still create a mechanic like dice or token but in a card format. be creative and innovative :)

3. May i use a circle card?

- Yes, you may but we prefer a standard playing card size (2.5 x 3.5 inch) and as long as its easy to play

4. How about different format inside a the game, i want to differentiate my card, token and dice?

- Yes, we support creativity as long its fun

5. What if i only create a gameplay mechanic and only using standard playing card we could buy in a store?

- It doesn't violate the rule but you need to give us a clear direction.

6. What if we create NSFW card in our card game?

- We clearly not expect that to happen in a print n play card game but if that suppose to happen, please use a warning sign that this game is NSFW

7. Hey, we know its about card game. How about i create a board for my game?

- As long as the board it self is in card format (maybe it multiple card into a board or even a big card)

8. Is there any maximum cards allowed in this jam?

- Nope, you may range your card from 1 to as much as CAH 

9. May i create the card game before the the jam?

- Yes

10. May i submit more than one card game?

- Yes, you may. That is why you may create your game before jam


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