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Welcome to the 1th table-top one-shot jam!

What is TTRPG one-shot - 2022 SUMMER EDITION?

TTRPG one-shot - 2022 SUMMER EDITION is a physical game jam in which you’ll have to write an adventure during the summer time, from August 1st to September 15th. It is a hot period, working is hard, and holidays free our minds, letting us design our next sessions. It is the perfect period to be guided by fun and the desire to create: no pressure, no frustration, and breaks to relax and enjoy the company of those around you.

Rules for your One-Shot Adventure

To write your one-shot adventure, please follow the following simple rules.

  1. the entry contains an adventure for a table-top RPG of your choice;
  2. the adventure is designed to be completed in a few hours;
  3. the adventure must be ready-to-play; feel free (you are encouraged) to provide additional material for aiding the master/narrator/DM (maps, NPC, location description, event flow, clocks ...); typically, one-shot adventures also provide PC sheets to skip the character creation phase and jump into the game;

Eligibility and submission guidelines

  • Entries must be released as free to allow adventure evaluation
  • Language: English (this is mandatory because the jam is ranked). We hope this is not a limit because, nowadays, translators are efficient and accessible.
  • Page limits: there are no page limits, but try to be below 10 pages
  • Format: Your work should be in unlocked pdf format. If your design is not printer-friendly, consider including an ink-light version.
  • Credits: Your work must be original and have a title and an author (or authors). If you use external materials, be careful to include the correct attribution.
  • Be careful to use royalty-free fonts, or you have permission to use them.
  • Be respectful: we will not tolerate discrimination, intolerance, violence, or abuse against others.

Also, remember to include the hashtag #oneshot2022jam


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a Troika! Adventure and Six Backgrounds
A one-shot, introductory adventure for the TTRPG of starfighter combat and military drama - Illuminated by Lumen
A short dungeon compatible with Mörk Borg. #oneshot2022jam
Stranded at Marcion's Abbey during a Storm, discover the heresies of the Defenders of God's Gate, at your own peril...
GM-Less roleplaying game of mystery and intrigue
A lite hearted sci-fi adventure for Risus: The Anything RPG about thwarting a mad scientist with a planet killing laser
A Most Wicked Wig in Bonmont is a hunt for Goblin Market now on kickstarter. Goblin Market - Zinequest 4 by Gamenomicon
A 5e one-shot with a chase and nice goblins
Maintain a garden utopia that has lost its Gardener