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Do you not feel like making hundreds of maps for your game? Do you want to limit yourself? Well, you've come to the right place since One Room Jam is all about making a game that only takes place in a single room.

  • Your game MUST only take place in a single room but the room can have variations (such as night, rain, etc.)
  • You can use whatever engine you'd like.
  • The game can be whatever genre you'd like.
  • You can develop alone or with a team.
  • Only use assets that you have created or have permission to use.
  • Your game must be developed during the jam.  You can plan things before the jam starts but actual development needs to be done during the jam.
  • The game must have at least 5 minutes of playtime.
  • The game should be playable on Windows.
  • No games with sexual content.
  • You're free to create as many games as you like for the jam as long as they all have been developed during the jam.
  • Be nice to others participating and have fun!

We have provided an optional theme for those who want to have a small idea of where to start with their game. The usage of the theme is not required.

The optional theme for this jam is...  VISITOR.

Thank you for reading this and if you join the jam remember to have fun!


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Stranger visitor is coming to your house and you are alone
Interactive Fiction
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Way to Unlimited by Jumma Game Developer
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