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Welcome to one resource jam! 

Are you tired of having to manage more than one resource? Then this jam is for you! Make a game where there is only one resource, so instead of having gold, food, health, mana you only have the resource. Same goes for your enemies! It can be any kind of game you  like as long as the entire game is around one resource! Enemies and environment objects can also have their own entity of the resource as long as it is the same (ie everything has hp and obj with highest hp wins and gets +1 to hp).

Have an unique idea but not sure if you can do it on your own? Then gather your friends or make new ones in the community tab! 

Want to submit more than 1 game? Go for it!  And yes you can make a game for more than just this jam!

Challenge! Start from scratch but you can use game engines while all art assets, music and meat of the game has to be hand crafted. Additional points if you can make the game run in a browser and/or multiplatform (then more people will get to enjoy your creation!). And  a megapoint for making the game free (you don't get any bonus points for paid games as you are getting something less virtual)!

Prizes! 1st place to last : you got to finish a game! Be proud of it and welcome to the club!

Don't give up and have fun!

*Edit: In the spirit of making this jam more fun for everyone including those who are not ready to make everything by themselves you can use already existing assets given permission from the author of assets (so if you have to attribute to the author then you have to do that). Moreover, this jam is aimed at making mechanics around using one resource therefore having restrictions is not really right thing to do.

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Free 2D Pixel Art for Commercial, and Non-Commercial Use.
A top-down survival in a proceduraly generated open world
A platformer in which you primary resource is stamina
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A small Shoot 'em up made for the One Resource Jam 2017. Also my first game
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