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One Page Derelict Jam 2024

Welcome to the third One Page Derelict jam! The venerable One Page Dungeon Contest spread the idea of a self-contained dungeon adventure in only one page. Let's bring this concept to space!

Only one page adventures qualify. Do not submit mini-games, solo games or anything that has rules of its own. This is meant to have many rules-agnostic adventures to play with any set of rules of choice.

Check out the previous editions:

Jam Rules

To submit your entry, please follow the following simple rules.


The One Page Derelict must follow this writing guidelines:

  1. The general theme is science-fiction (or at most science fantasy, but space travel must be a real thing in the setting).
  2. The adventure must be set in a derelict, or hulk, or abandoned ship/station/installation of sort. This derelict may be crash landed on a celestial body as a planet, moon or asteroid.
  3. Include a hook to the adventure: why the characters should embark on the exploration of the derelict?
  4. Your work must be system agnostic. You can't include stat blocks or anything that come from a licensed system, even in OGL (see Licence).


You can submit a previously created work if it respects the general theme of the jam.


Your work should be at least in unlocked pdf format, but you may add other format (odt, doc, txt, markdown, etc) at you discretion. The entry must by one-side page, either landscape or portrait, in a easily printable size (tipically A4 or Letter). If your design is not printer-friendly, consider to include also a ink-light version.


Your work must be original and must have a title and an author (or authors, as you can partecipate as a team). If you use other CC materials, be careful to include the correct attribution to the author(s).


All entries must be shared and licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). When you are about to publish your work, we invite you to insert also the reference tag of the jam: #onepagederelict. It is up to you to put you entry for free, PWYW or priced.

Each submission must not include the intellectual property (IP) or violate the copyright or trademarks of others.

Submissions must not include a statement declaring their compatibility with, or design for, a specific rules system.

Be careful to use royalty free fonts or you have the permission to use.


Your work must be submitted by March 21st, 2024.


This is a ranked jam. From March 22nd to April 30th, the public will be able to rate your work based on the four prerequisites (see Theme) and the overall quality of the adventure. This will provide a feedback to your work!

Have fun writing your derelict!

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A one page sci fi adventure for any ttrpg system about retrieving a super serum from a derelict spaceship
a one page science fiction system neutral pointcrawl