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A minute is a very short time, in the scheme of things. Or is it? 

Behavioural science suggests that most people make up their minds about someone in the first minute of meeting them. 

Is it possible to make a game that leaves a memorable impression within a single minute of gameplay? 

One Minute Game is an experimental jam based on one rule:      

The gameplay must last one minute only. This is not rigidly enforced, but in the spirit of the jam, keep it as close as possible!  

If you're looking for an optional challenge or theme, try making a game that lasts a minute without the use of a countdown timer 

Games from any genre are welcome. 

I encourage you to think creatively about how this rule could change how you approach designing a game. 

This jam is non-ranked, but I encourage participants to play each other's contributions. 

 If you like, come join the FSV Discord server if you have any questions or would like to chat to other jammers. 

Otherwise, please use the jam's 'community' forum, or email me on