This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-09-01 15:00:00 to 2021-09-28 15:00:00. View 18 entries

This is a relaxed, non-competitive monthly jam where we make one game a month (tabletop games included!)

 Join our discord community to share your progress, receive feedback, look for teammates, or just hang out!

THEME:  Going Dark

The theme is optional. You are not forced to follow it! Although it can serve as inspiration or additional challenge.


- No NSFW submissions. 

- Any submission published before the jam's starting date will be removed.

- Only one submission per person/team is allowed.  It's one game a month after all! ;) 


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Fast-paced, old-school FPS with a twist
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One Game A Month Jam 4 Entry
Live out your dream of being a clerk at a VHS rental store. But beware, some dreams can turn nightmarish...
Interactive Fiction
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Gather up with your online friends to massacre all pumpkings before Halloween!
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A platformer with a timeloop mechanic. Made for the OneGameAMounth jam
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Made for a Game of Month Jam. You must find the key, but be careful you flash light will run out!
Take over enemy creatures and win the game by controlling the majority of the battlefield!
Card Game
The world has gone dark. Will you use your light to save it?
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escape the room!
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Oserez-vous traverser le labyrinthe dans le noir !
first rouge-like game made by a person new to coding
Use 'a' and 'd' keys to dodge the blocks.
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HHH is a short rpg game filled with mystery that you have to figure out as each day go by. Who is there to trust?
Role Playing