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Welcome to the One Game Jam!

This jam is all about different interpretations of an idea, seeing how different people take the idea and come out with something completely different from the other person. There will be not a theme, but a game idea and everyone will make a game based off that. For example, the game idea is that you are a rubber ducky in a bathtub, and you have to save survivors floating in the water while being hunted down by submarine toys. Say there are three developers who each start developing this game. In the end, they are all going to basically have the same game mechanic but they will be very different from each other in other aspects of the game. This is what I want to see with this game jam. In the community section post your game idea that we could use for the jam, and also vote up other ideas!


The rules for this game jam are pretty simple, and common in most jams:
  • No using pre-existing content, do everything from scratch
  • Be nice to everybody and don't like be an idiot in the community section
  • My favorite rule: have fun

There will be no voting and no prizes, as this game jam is just for fun and science.

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