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1- Create a local multiplayer game with only 1 button per player. The number of players isn't limited to two, it can have as many players as the creator wants based on their idea.

2- The game should not be cooperative, it should be players against each other.


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  • One button per player. That button can be in different devices, like some players are on keyboard, others on controller, others on mouse. The button doesn't have to be the same action for every character. If you want you can give different actions to different characters. But it should be resulting in your victory and defeat of other players.
  • Please make your submissions free for the jam, after you can charge if you wish.
  • You can use existing/purchased artwork.
  • Can recycle code snippets from existing projects.
  • There is no theme.
  • You can work with a team or alone.
  • You can submit more than 1 game.
  • Submissions that do not pass a virus scan will be taken down without warning. Test your game here:
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