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Welcome to the Oldweb Nostalgia Jam, a jam where you make games, tools, zines, essays, ttrpgs, and more inspired by the digital past! The aesthetic used in the banner are a mix of 90s-era cursors and a pixel-art style used by teen girls in the mid-00s (btw, the cell phone pixel art is something I actually made in the mid-00s when I was a teen.) However, feel free to use any sort of digital aesthetic from the 80s to early 2010s in this jam. Feel free to interpret this as broadly as you'd like!

The Rules:

  • You may submit something unfinished.
  • You may submit something you started (or even finished) previously.
  • You may submit multiple things if you have time!
  • You may submit a game you submitted to another jam if it fits the jam rules.
  • Teams of any size are permissible, as is working alone.
  • Since this is a chill jam with no winners or losers, feel free to start whenever you'd like. Only use assets you have the right to use, though. No breaking any copyright laws. (Or other laws!)
  • Your game or other creation can include sexual content, but no sexualized depictions of characters under 18. If your characters are teens, no relationships with age gaps over 3 years. No promotion or glorification of non-consent should be present.
  • Content warn on your page description for common triggers such as self harm, suicide, sexual assault, etc.
  • Obviously, no promoting hatred, whether toward LGBT+ people, or other marginalized identities. Basically, no racism, aphobia, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, etc. These topics may be discussed, but don't use your project to promote them. Hateful submissions will be removed.
  • No jam spam! If your submission doesn't follow the rules or is unrelated to the jam, don't submit it! It will be deleted!

Want to make a video game and are new to game development? Not a programmer? Here's some free resources for you that are easy to medium difficulty to learn, though some are only free trials or only free for non-commercial use or releasing to certain platforms.):

Other resources for beginners:

Here’s some resources for if you want to create an analog (tabletop or live action) game:

Here's some resources for making zines:

And here's a great resource for little creative tools, both analog and digital:

Also, do yourself the favor of googling "Neocities"

Let the jam begin!

Your host,

Olivia Montoya/Metaparadox


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An internet infused supplement for here, there, be monsters!
Weird Millennial nostalgia
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A game to build your own website in 2002
A guide for populating your fansite
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Doodle Jump But It's 3d
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What if a old school flash game was made in the modern era like the 2020s?
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A trip inside the arcades of the '80/90s.
W̸h̶e̶r̷e̴ ̴a̷r̸e̵ ̸y̷o̷u̵?̷ ̴D̸o̵ ̴Y̴o̴u̵ ̷E̵x̷i̸s̷t̸?̶
A text-based video game about the subtle horror of the monotony of the archetypal workplace
Interactive Fiction
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A cyberpunk RPG based on Shadowrun.
Role Playing
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Embark on a nostalgic journey through the quirks and challenges of 90s computer era
Live or Dead ?Play in u browser and you show it
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404 no found
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Stary eyed museum of digital things
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windows style rpg
Role Playing
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