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OGEW stands for One Game Every Week.

this is a project I want to get into, but im not really sure if I can actually do it.

The plan for OWEG is to create one game every week and to upload it to

I will also create one gamejam profile for each week where you can also participate if you want to.

But as I said, I dont know if I can actually manage to keep this going.

und no in Schwiizertütsch:

OWEG isch es projekt bi dem ich jedi wuche es nois game machä unds denn uf die siite ufelade. Ich weiss abr irgendwie nonig wiä lang ich denn gnueg motiviärt bin zum das wiitermache. Mir werdets usefinde :)

Edit: So the jam didnt really work i think it doesnt show up. I will ignore this and probably report about my project somewhere else and also leave

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