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Welcome devs, artists, musicians, and all! serving the gamedev community since 2009 with high-quality, no-cost, clearly-licensed assets.

Jumpstart your next game with an enormous database of artwork, music, and sound effects for 2D and 3D games - from sprites to tile sets, textures, backgrounds, and everything between - all for free!

Strategy? Role playing? Puzzles? Exploration? OGA has got you covered! The March 2024 jam is all about creating your next best game using assets from

Join us on Discord! We're nice!

Couch co-op? Work with a degenerate AI towards a goal? Guide disgruntled minions to success despite their best efforts to derail your plans?

All are welcome to join the March 2024 jam, and most tools and platforms are acceptable with the exception of AI tools. Entries and assets created with AI-based tools are not eligible for competitions or submissions related to

Feel free to work alone or in a team. We ask that all participants abide by the following rules:

    1) Please create the majority of the game during the jam timeframe.
    Pre-production steps are great (collecting assets, sketching designs, drafting levels, systems, and materials, etc.), but the spirit of the jam is to create what we can in a month. 

    Time limits can be freeing things, as they give opportunity to move to your next creative endeavour once the jam is over!

    2) Use a minimum of 6 different works from

   **Note: one submission URL = one work** 

    This is easier than it sounds, considering that your project will probably need fonts, logos, audio, etc. You can also use assets sourced elsewhere, so long as you have the rights/permissions to use.   If you are unable to find anything suitable for your project on OGA, you can create your own assets, but you must upload them to OGA website BEFORE the end of the jam for them to be considered as part of the 6 asset rule. By doing so you are also contributing to a great community, and we would love to see it. 

    3) Properly provide attribution for all assets used, including your own.

   Note: If you have an account with OGA, OGA's 'Collections' feature can be used to create a 'Credits File' that includes this information for you.

   Please know that this is not difficult or time consuming, but is actually more important than ever. Please provide a list of credits accessible from the main menu of your game and accessible from the submission page (possibly as a downloadable text file, or written within the page description itself).

    Credits must adhere to the specified license and should include: 

  • The Author's name or handle
  • The name of the work as given on
  • A URL pointing to the asset on
  • The license for the work

    You must include a credit even if the asset is your own creation.  This is necessary to show that the work is available on You must also indicate if you have made modifications to the work.

    Please see the bottom of the jam page for what this may look like.

    4) Be kind. Our community is made from all kinds of people from all over the world, and discriminatory submissions will be removed.

    5) Please do not submit sensitive/mature content. Our community is also made up of people of all ages, so Adult/Mature/NSFW/etc. content is not eligible for submission.

Please note that there is extra-credit for contributing art to OGA and then using it in this jam!

Constructive ratings, while entirely optional, will give other devs valuable feedback on their projects and help them on their gamedev journey. Praise what was done well and encourage what could be done better. We're all in this crazy internet together!

The following questions may help inform useful ratings:

  1. Gameplay: Is it fun? Does it work?
  2. Audio: Is it present? Does it fit?
  3. Visual: Is there a consistent style? Is it immersive/fitting of the genre?
  4. Narrative: Is it compelling or entertaining?
  5. Feel: A catchall category for any other notes or experiences, meant to capture the overall "feeling" of the game.
  6. Art Submissions (Extra credit!) Art submissions will be added to this category in the form of an extra point.

Regarding narrative, it turns out that plumbing can be very interesting if it involves battling fire breathing dragons to save a princess. Feel free to splurge on story!

Prizes include - in no particular order - bragging rights, a substantial boost to your ego, praise (from some of us) for your wonderful creation, and (possibly) a special Discord role (if you ask an admin nicely).

The following assets were used in the creation of this jam page and serve as examples for appropriate attribution.

Title: Board Game Info
Author: Kenney
License: CC0

Title: Good Neighbors pixel font
Author: Clint Bellanger
License: CC0

Title: Kenney fonts
Author: Kenney
License: CC0

Title: Logo for OGA's Summer 2018 Game Jam*
Author: withthelove
License: CC BY-SA 3.0
*Modified, please see OGA March'24 Game Jam Banner by food_please

Title: OGA March '24 Game Jam Banner
Author: food_please
License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Title: Public Pixel Font
Author: GGBot
License: CC0

Title: Super Seasonal Platformer Tiles
Author: GrafxKid
License: CC0


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