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Apple is using the "disgusting" content on itch as a legal bludgeon in an attempt to turn their platform into a sort of nightmare garden-wall scenario. We may not have lawyers (or any fucking money), but itch is a bastion of excellent content from hundreds of marginalized developers, expressing themselves in games using themes and motifs that other artists have used since the beginning of time. Also, there are a bunch of dope games that help you nut.

Let's do what we do best: make more smut and filth.

Rules of this jam:

  • Make a game (or whatever) that you couldn't talk about in court
  • No fash, no bigots.
  • If you submit something that sexualizes minors I will report you and slap you out of the jam so fast your head will spin.
  • Let's make some goddamn joyous noise

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A LARP of Gods, Intimacy, & Sexuality.
An 18+ F/F Pirate Fantasy Erotica
An unspeakable retro game remake
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An unspeakable pong clone (Not Safe For Court)
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An unspeakable recreation of a classic flash game
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An Erotic LARP about Smut in a Courtroom Setting
For as long as humans have been building sapient robots, they've been fucking it up.
Impact the clothing situation with this puzzle """game"""
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