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Edit: The deadline has been extended by a day, as was down for some time. Don't forget that you can submit unfinished works too.

Into myths, gods and mortals? Then join in us for this text game jam based on The Odyssey. Set in ancient Greece, with a mix of fantastical mythical creatures, gods and mortals, this story follows Odysseus' epic journey home across the seas after the Trojan War.

Here's a map interpretation of the Odyssey.

All types of text based games are welcome, including interactive fiction and visual novels. Even though the focus is on creating a written interactive story, it can include other media too - images, sound, video etc. If you're looking for inspiration take a look at these images from the British Library, which you can use freely in your entry if you wish. If you do use them, please give the British Library a mention in the credits.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

The Odyssey was epic, but your entry into #OdysseyJam doesn't have to be a long piece of work. It also doesn't have to cover the whole of the Odyssey - you could create something that focuses on a small part of the story, and you don't even have to set it in ancient Greece, just use The Odyssey for inspiration. For example, this French/Japanese cartoon Ulysses 31 took the original Odyssey story off into space.

You can also work as part of a team, or it can be a solo effort.

Want to join in but never made a text based game before?

Why not try using some of this free software - all of which are focused on creating interactive fiction and text adventures.

As Homer said in the Odyssey " There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep." ... and now's the time for writing many words for #OdysseyJam. :-)

If you post anything on social media please use hashtag #OdysseyJam

And finally... even if you don't finish your entry in time, feel free to upload your work in progress.

This jam has been organised to tie in with the Read Watch Play online reading group, which has a watery theme in March.


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Grab your bronze weapons and guide Odysseus’ high-maintenance crew through a dangerous island in this strategic RPG.
Role Playing
After a normal day, you wake up in another body, discover what's happening to you!
Visual Novel
The story of an old soldier who fought the trojan war and his adventures back home.
Visual Novel
Penelope's got a full house.
Interactive Fiction
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a mind-FAQuing adventure about chances, choises and time
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A surreal spin on an ancient tale.
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The wreck of a once-mighty city, and a long journey home.
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