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Tilted Game Jam


Oh you don't know who we are?? It's coo, our feelings aren't hurt. As a matter of fact... WELCOME FAMILY!!!

We are a small crew in Orange County that has been working hard to build up the Orange County Game Dev scene since 2018. Our events are ran with indies all across OC and we have become family to many of them. To keep our Tilted Game Jam going during these times, we are going virtual and hope the community can grow larger. We do many things if you would like to check us out... .

If you would like to support us, we have finally created a support page at .

Enough Introductions.... 

If you haven't been to a Tilted Game Jam. We make games in 12 hours (11 hrs to develop, 1 hour to showcase).

 We Pick an overall theme, then after after two hours there are 6 rounds of scope creep for extra points.

Requirements For This Game Jam:


1. Add themes here:

2. New Game Jam Layout:

- Want to create a game in a 12 hours? Join our "Game in a Day Tier" To be eligible for the cash prize, submit $10($4 goes to prize pool): 

-  Want to work on your game but enter it into our jam? Join our "Continuation Tier" To be eligible for the cash prize, submit $10($4 goes to prize pool): 

-  Want to just have fun with others making a game with no pressure? Just join in, no entry fee!

3. Create your team (solos are allowed)

4. Select a Team Captain

(free agents please create a team by the day of the event using our discord server).


  1. Get Theme In our Discord Server (noun, adjective) @ 10AM.
  2. Showcases @ 9PM
  3. Submit by 1030 PM (Must be uploaded for Windows or HTML5 format at


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Co-op role-based puzzle solving