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Orbital Blues is a game for Sad Space Cowboys.

Every character in Orbital Blues has a Trouble, something which drags em down into the blues. They might have: Too Big For Your Boots, Through Your Teeth, Brick in the Wall or In Too Deep. 

As part of this jam, we want you to write your own Trouble, and then maybe a Mark with that Trouble to follow it up.

Check out the free rules for Orbital Blues in our Quickstart Edition.


  • Make a Trouble for Orbital Blues
  • If you want, make a Mark for Orbital Blues with that Trouble. 
  • Release it on as part of this game.
  • No Nazis, terfs, bigots, etc. You'll be booted. If you have to ask if this includes you then it does.
  • Charge whatever you want for your work. You deserve to get paid.

Here's some advice in the Orbital Blues Core Rulebook about Troubles:


To make new Troubles, for characters that have either undergone unique traumas, experiences, or find themselves at the mercy of vices not listed amongst our troubles, storytellers should work with the player to fulfill the following framework:

1. Name: A quantifiable, appropriate way to refer to your Trouble

2. Summary: A brief description of the Trouble—one or two lines at most

3. Questions: Every Trouble has a handful of questions that explore its effect on the character and those around them. The player answers two of the questions during when they take the trouble, but they shouldn’t answer the rest—they’ll answer those in play.

4. Triggers: Think of 3 triggers that reinforce how the character’s behaviour pattern hinders them.


Treat each Trouble like a POEM with flow. The best Troubles act as character prompts, backstory generators, contact creators and a reason for your character to get into Trouble. Here are a few of our favourites: 


The best way to end a fight is to be more willing to commit spectacular violence than your rival. 

  1. What was the first fight you ever won?
  2. What scar do you wear with pride? 
  3. What enemies have you worked hard to earn?
  4. When was the last time you killed someone you meant only to maim?
  5. Which old friend now fears your brutality? 

Whenever you answer one of these questions during play, gain 1 Blues.

Gain 1 Blues when: 

  • You lose your temper. 
  • You reach for weapons before words.
  • You leave a foe cowering in submission.

Party Animal

You know how to live. Let no one else tell you anything else. 

Answer two during character creation: 

  1. Where do you go to blow off steam? 
  2. What is the worst crime you have done while just trying to have a good time? 
  3. Who do you party with? 
  4. Which narcotics help you find that ever-fading zen? 
  5. What feeling do you bury deep beneath drugs and bad decisions?  

Whenever you answer one of these questions during play, gain 1 Blues.

Gain 1 Blues when: 

  • You enjoy yourself more than you probably should. 
  • You do a stupid thing in a serious situation. 
  • You cover your true feelings with debauchery.


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