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This jam is over. It was fun! Check out the submissions

-- What is this jam? --

This is a month-long slow game jam for students at the University of Pittsburgh. Folks will have a month to create a game based on a theme that will be announced at the start of the jam. The jam will end during finals week, so we recommend participants don't wait until the last minute!

-- What? Why are folks at a University doing a game jam on this website? --

With the University of Pittsburgh running all of its courses remotely for the rest of the semester, we were looking for ways to do something fun like a hack-a-thon or game jam remotely. Practicing healthy social distancing doesn't need to get in the way of building a community for game developers at Pitt! The infrastructure offers was perfect for us to hold this event.

-- Who can participate? --

All Pitt students (undergraduate and graduate) are welcome to participate and compete for prizes. Other members of the Pitt community (and non-Pitt folks, if you happened to stumble on this page) are welcome to participate but are not eligible to receive prizes.

-- Rules --

  • Your game must follow the theme of the jam (announced at the start of the jam). We encourage creative interpretations of the theme but please don't just ignore it!
  • Teams may be 1-5 members. We encourage multi-disciplinary teams, so try to make a friend from another field!
  • You may use any technology you want to create your game! We only ask that the game can run on a Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu machine without much hassle. Browser-based games also work! Please test your executables and don't submit project files!
  • Be nice and respectful to other participants. Do not harass anyone!
  • Please don't make a game that's insensitive about current infectious diseases! The world is currently going through a crisis and we want to offer an escape from that.
  • Intellectual property (IP) laws still apply! Please don't steal stuff! The overall ideas, design, game mechanics, etc… have to be original and have to be created by YOUR team.
  • Feel free to use store-bought or open-source assets, as long as you have the licenses to legally do so! We ask that you list these assets when you submit your game.
  • Games eligible for awards must be open source (sorry, it has to do with how we get funding for the awards!)

-- Partners --

This jam is hosted by the Pitt student organization Games-Edu, Pat Healy (PhD Student in Information Science), Brandon Hedges (Adjunct Professor in Information Science), and Dmitriy Babichenko (Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information).

And the theme is...

This specific video of Three Dog Night performing "One" is the theme of the jam. 

And the award goes to...

Here are our award winners!


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A thrilling museum heist committed by three Dogs!
Puzzle Platformer
An isometric narrative game about where you went wrong and what could have been.
Interactive Fiction