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Make something using the Neverwinter Nights built-in toolset.

Your entry for the Neverwinter Nights Modjam can be whatever you want, built with the Aurora toolset that ships with the game. You could use this jam to practice your writing for games or just mess around with an mature, well documented toolset to make a short RPG story. Or, if you have the experience/daring, you can try something bigger like delving deeper into the toolset and creating a full blown customized experience with your own 3D models and textures. Neverwinter Nights has a wealth of community resources freely available online, though much of it may seem dated you should be easily able to find the information you need.

Requirements: A copy of Neverwinter Nights, a machine that can run it (Windows, runs in Linux using Wine though you'd need to test it), an internet connection to research stuff and upload your mod files.

Quickly grab your free copy on Good Old Games while the deal lasts!

So, get installing it, try out the game if you've never played it, then open up the Aurora Toolset (from the boot menu or install location) and have a go at making your own!

If you don't know where to start, ask us questions in the forums or on discord and we'll try our best to assist.

Join our chat server: - useful for chatting about the jam, sharing tips and organizing your team.

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A short Neverwinter Nights module made during the NWN Mod Jam 2016.