Submissions open from 2019-08-05 02:04:00 to 2019-09-04 23:00:00
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This is an event Hosted on Night's Poly Games Discord Server. But anyone and all are welcome to join.

I have a big event for all the game studios and individual creators. The challenge will be to create the best FPS within a month. 

The rules are 

1: it has to be 3d. 

2: It has to involve shooting whether it is realistic weaponry or fantasy or any type of weapons as long as there is a shooting aspect (Melee is recommended as a extra feature but cannot be the only type of weaponry, I want to shoot stuff). 

3: has to be a fully working game, (ex, downloadable file, run normally, play, exit.) the more abilities the game has the better. 

4: you can team up, work as a studio, or individual, you can get outside help from people not in this community. (Use this as a chance to bring new people in)

 5: YOU CANNOT USE PRE MADE ASSET COLLECTIONS FROM THE UNITY STORE (you can use basic system setups to start from but it will not be judged well if there is little change made to the original systems)

 6: If one of the studios here already has a FPS system made or currently being made you can use any previous made assets but I highly recommend you make a brand new system and assets.

The entries will be judges by a popular vote, server workers choice, and my personal choice for being the most fun, having the best game play, working the smoothest and cleanest, and having the best game design, and all around best shooting mechanics. The Winner or winning group will be gifted $50s in either money via paypal or a steam gift card and possible the first game publishing support given by NPG. In the case of a group made project, it is recommend to split the winnings evenly but it is up to the decision of the group itself. If a split of the winnings was decided and the winnings was not split in the chosen way (someone was left out) there will be consequences and even a permanent ban. Rights to all assets and programs made for this content remain to the creators. If I see a unity store asset flip made for this contest go onto a market place there will be consequences.

A Secondary challenge is to create the best Survival game using this FPS challenge. But it can only be done if the original challenge is completed. Rules are as followed. 

1: must have full FPS system in place. 

2: must have survival states (ex. heath, hunger, thirst etc.) ((does not have to be apocalyptic survival if you have a stranger idea go for it) 

3: Must have at least one enemy AI type, The more the merrier. 

EXTRA CHALLENGE 4:looting and item spawning system. (weapons, food, etc.) 

The Winner of the secondary challenge if there is one will have another possibility for game funding and publishing support.