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Make a game using only audio & an input device.

We'll have a handful of check-ins before the final due date to gauge progress & give each other feedback.

  • 4/4: Concept Commitment: Commit to your concept
  • 4/6: First Playable: Have something playable for class
  • 4/11: Playtest Day: Have your game ready for playtesting
  • 4/13: Revisions: Demonstrate the revisions you've made based on playtest
  • 4/18: Final Due Date
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Only Audio Flappy Bird! Match the left and right tones, the left one behaves like Flappy Bird!
An audio only game. Bike straight into deathbots with nothing but heart and a rocket launcher
survival VR audio prototype
do your best! ...or the bare minimum
Audio only game about finding love... as a bat
Navigate and escape using the height of early 90s tech