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Oh man, we're doing it again!

Let's make a video game in 24 hours! Sound crazy? That's because it is! Crazy fun that is!

A game jam is an event where you and other creative people split into teams and work to create a video game in 24 hours. We're not trying to create a masterpiece, we're just trying to create anything! This is your chance to experiment, improvise, and learn!

The prompt/theme will be announced at 11am on Saturday (October 1), and you'll have until Sunday, October 2 at 11am (24 hours) to build a game built around the theme!

Do you know how to use Blender? Do you know how to code in Unity C#? Do you have a productivity pipeline for programming or asset creation? Want to teach people how to use some other piece of software?

If you answered yes to any of those, consider running a short workshop to help anyone interested! If you want to run a short workshop, send me an email at with what you want to run a workshop on!

I will have a projector and an hdmi cable so you can teach whatever you want!


Q: Is there an admission fee?
A: Yes. $25 per person at the door covers all of our expenses for using the space! The door fee directly supports us using The Cave!

Q: Do I have to be there for the entire 24 hours?
A: Of course not! Come for as long or as little as you want! At 11am on Sunday, we will be sharing our finished games, and seeing everyone else's game is half of the fun!

Q: Should I bring my own computer?
A: The Cave will have computers available for us, and you can install Unity and stuff on them if you need it. If you have special tools (photoshop, Unreal, reason, autodesk, ect), try to bring your laptop, or bring your desktop.

Q: What software will we be using?
A: Whatever you want! From experience, I know many of us work with Unity, Gimp, and Blender, but you're more than welcome to bring whatever software you're most comfortable working with!

Q: 24 hours is a long time, will you be feeding us?
A: I will be ordering pizza for Saturday at around 6. The Cave sells snacks and energy drinks, plus there are stores and restaurants right next to The Cave as well!

Q: I'm not good at coding/drawing/modeling/dancing
A: That's perfectly fine! Bring whatever skill you have to the table and there will be a use for it! Dancing might be difficult to fit in though...

Q: I don't have much experience, what can I do?
A: Game jams are all about learning tools and techniques! 24 hours isn't allot of time to make a game, so there will always be something for someone of any skill level to do!

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