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NOVA MACHINA - it doesn't just sound rad, it's also instructive. It means New Machine and that's the point of this game jam. 

Those who enter here will be asked to design a table-top RPG experience using mechanics that they've never seen elsewhere.  We of course realize that you're not omniscient, that you haven't played every game out there, so it's entirely possible that you'll create something that's already been created. It's an honor-system thing. We trust you. 

If you use dice or cards or other tools that are common to the TTRPG experience use them in a way that you haven't seen. Or get really weird with it and use something completely different. Dedicate a few words to explaining why you chose the mechanic, or what you like about it. 

Apart from that, there are no constraints on what your game can be about. That said, we ask for these few considerations. If your game explores themes that might be distressing to readers, supply a trigger warning. Also consider recommending safety tools such as lines and veils (, and the X-Card (

You'll have two weeks beginning Monday 2019-01-21 and ending Monday 2019-02-04.  A voting period will follow where anyone who has submitted or contributed to a submission will be able to vote on their favorites. 

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