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This is a jam to celebrate nudity. Games must contain some noticeable nudity.


So what counts as noticeable nudity?  

Well, perhaps it’s easier to explain what it is by explaining what it isn’t. Your cat, Pacman, the Asgard from Stargate (little grey aliens) and Bender from Futurama all don’t wear clothes.  

If you were to make a game with one of these characters with them not wearing clothes, most people wouldn’t respond by saying, “Hey, look, that guy/girl/other is naked!”  

By contrast, your neighbour, Mario, the Klingons from Star Trek and Data (from Star Trek, also) normally do wear clothes (granted, I’m guessing with your neighbour).  

If you make a game about them in the nude (please respect copyright laws and neighbourhood privacy rules), their nudity would stand out.  

It only needs to be noticeable to the player though. So if you wanted to make, for example, naked poker where a bunch of people sat around playing poker in the nude and no one seemed to notice that they were nude, that would be fine.


Does the nudity need to be explicit?  

No. Games can be NSFW with very explicit graphics or they can be done in a very simple art style where we have to take your word for who’s a lady and who’s a gentleman. Text games are fine where you can’t see anything. So are games where the rude bits are covered from view, as long as it’s done in a way that it’s clear they are naked (such as censor bars or covering their body with their hands).


How much nudity counts as “some” noticeable nudity?  

Nudity should be something you would think of when you think of the game. Only one character needs to be naked (though every character can be if you like). Nudity should be either constant or frequent. Basically, don’t make a game which starts with your character jumping out of the shower and then going about their day fully clothed. Also, while removing clothing can be part of the game, don’t make a game where nudity serves as the final goal and so  no one ends up naked until the end of the game. Some periods of clothedness are perfectly fine but someone should end up naked again soon enough.


Do the games need to be sexy?  

No, while sexual games are welcome, so too are games where the nudity is merely incidental to the plot. An example might be a murder mystery on a nude beach. There’d be no sex and gameplay would be just like a normal detective game, just with more naked people.  

Naked characters are not required to be attractive to anyone (not even you). Naked characters don’t even need to be people (as mentioned, they could be aliens and robots, as long as they’d normally be clothed and now they’re naked). 

Games may turn people on but they don't have to.  


Are there any restrictions on the tools we can use?

No, use whatever tools you want to make your game.


What platforms should games be built for?

At a minimum, try to make it so your game plays on either Windows or in the browser. Obviously, supporting Mac, Linux, iOS and Android is always an option if you want to go cross-platform but not mandatory.


Can we make games in teams?

Yes, with as many people as you like, though alone is fine too.


Can we use premade assets?

Yes, as long as you have the right to use the asset.


How will the games be judged?  

  1. How well does the nudity incorporate in the game? Where does it fall on the scale from “Bejewelled clone with a picture of a naked lady in the background” to “fully realised game where the nudity is noticeable but integrates well with the gameplay?”
  2. Is the game objectively fun? Assuming everyone kept their clothes on, would I still enjoy playing this?
  3. How original is it? Does it feel like they just took Angry Birds and changed the sprites to make Angry Naked Guys? Or was the game unique beyond the nudity?


Are there prizes?  

After the jam voting will commence and $50 USD will be awarded to the winner (ideally paid by PayPal). If working in a team, keep in mind that the money will have to be split between you.  Note: Even if you win, the game remains yours. The prize is merely to encourage participation.


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