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The THEME is: Not What It Seems

Ok, maybe I have to clear that theme up. So basically what it means is some things in your game has to be fake. Simple, now, right?


You may be wondering: What can I incorporate into a game that is fake? Well, I have some ideas up my sleeve to get you started...

  • Fake Walls/Ground
  • Fake Power-ups
  • Fake NPCs
  • Fake Warps
  • Fake Bonuses
  • Fake Player (you control something else rather than the ''player'', like a block, for example)
  • Fake Enemies


  1. You can only start when it is the 6th April (when the jam starts).
  2. You HAVE to finish on the 6th June. I can't allow you to finish late. No messing around.
  3. The game has to be free and be able to play on browser (unless you want to make a fully-fledged release on Steam or something).
  4. No horror games or NSFW content.

Diversifiers (mini-themes)

OK, so these are optional, you don't HAVE to do them, it's just a way to make your game a bit more... spicier.

  • Add animated cutscenes or textboxes.
  • Use Amazon Lumberyard.
  • Share the source code so people can release mods/addons for your game.
  • Do what's stated in the brackets of Rule 3.


Here's the link for the server to the jam:


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Just a fun little turret game
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An illusional birthday maze
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