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Ever find yourself wanting more games with nonbinary content in it? Ever feel like making that good, sweet content? Well you've come to the right game jam!

The basic rules for the nonbinary game jam are simple: Within the allotted time period, make a game with one or more of the following:

  1. A nonbinary main character
  2. Discussing the nonbinary experience in some way
  3. Having the narrative follow a nonbinary character's journey

You can do one or two rules or maybe all three! The idea is to create more content with nonbinary representation~!  If you're a nonbinary game dev, all the better! But you don't have to be.

The submission period is one month, and after that we'll have one week to rate everyone's games. We encourage you to leave feedback on your fellow contributors' work! 

If you happen to join the jam after it starts, you're still allowed to join and make something! :D Just make sure you submit your game before the jam's end.

The theme this year is: Growth

If you want to create something different, that's ok! The theme is just there to get your creative ideas flowing. Don't feel pressured!


  1. Don't be mean. Harassment and rude comments will not be tolerated.
  2. If you have a previous WIP that qualifies to be in the jam (features a nonbinary protagonist and/or discusses nonbinary experience), then you are free to enter the game into the jam! (Yes, you’re allowed to use this jam as an incentive to finish something.)
  3. NSFW games are ok, but please make it clear the game is NSFW. The best way to do this is in the game itself, but putting it in the description and/or the game's thumbnail is good too.
  4. You don't neccessarily need to have a nonbinary main character/player character especially if you're going to make a game on Rules 2 and 3 above. For example, the player character can be a relative watching over the nonbinary character, or the player character could be the best friend of the nonbinary character. Just remember, the point of the jam is to create more representation! 
  5. Games that aren't "traditional games" are great to submit! Non-digital games are welcome too! Get your Twines and tabletop games in here! C:
  6. Do your research! Don't know what it's like to be nonbinary? Find articles and videos about the enby experience! Here's a starting point for you. Google is your friend! Join the Nonbinary Game Jam discord and ask!
  7. Even if your game is unfinished by the jam's end, I'd encourage you to submit it anyway!
  8. Go ahead, update your game after it's submitted. We all find bugs and glitches after we make that "final build". ^^;
  9. Have fun! :D This is a chill jam, so please remember to enjoy yourself!

Come join us in the discord! You may find people who you want to collaborate with~!

Have questions? Post them the Community section or in the discord, and I'll answer them asap.

A big special thanks for Norbez for starting the jam last year! Go play their games, and while you're at it, go play everyone’s games from the previous jam!

[JAM PAGE UPDATED ON 4-2-2020 to help clarify some of the rules regarding main characters and entering the jam after it starts]


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Interactive Visual Novel about pirates (+18)
A visual novel about unexpected confessions.
Visual Novel
Twine about an android made to serve humans, on an identity crisis in a land of robots.
Interactive Fiction
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Home on the Range...
Interactive Fiction
Move in with your partner. Go live on a abandoned morgue.
Visual Novel
A ritual to remember how far you've come
Very short Twine horror game about loss, love and red strings.
Interactive Fiction
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A small exploration on how the world might feel to someone outside of the gender binary
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A story about finally going home from work.
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Visual Novel
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Grow plants and brew potions