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Our favourite local jam had to be cancelled this year.  They'll be back next year in a brand new space, but to keep the dream alive this year you're invited to join us for a one-off tribute to the jam that wasn't: "NoJam".

(No) Locations
NoJam will be primarily hosted online.  If you do want to host a site, either for private or public sign-ups, please let the organizers know, and we'll try to spread the word.

(No) Theme

(No) Winners
This jam is about self-expression, learning and fun.  There are no rules about what will be the best game, or scoring systems.

(No) Time limit
We'll be jamming from September 13th - 15th, but you can take a bit more time if you want to.  Uploads will be open till the end of the month

(No) Affiliation
This is not the greatest jam, it's just a tribute.  We appreciate all the work that TOJam organizers and volunteers put into it every year, and wouldn't want you to mistake this little online jam for something they've co-ordinated.

(No) Encore
Just one year to fill the gap. 

(Zero) Cool
A midnight screening of hackers.

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An RPG inspired by Earthbound and The Legend Of Zelda!
Impress Her Majesty our Lord and Saviour the Big Cat Protector of the Five Realms