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Welcome to the No Touch Screen Or Mouse Challenge!

This game jam wants you to make a game for smartphones, but you are not allowed to use the touch screen of phones, or if you are making a computer game, the mouse. (Simple as that)

Phone games:

This may seem at first impossible, seeing how most of the games and apps we use on our phones only use the screen, so I made a short list to give you some inspiration:

  • You can use the phones acceleration (From a side to another) to scroll trough a menu;
  • You can use the compass to rotate a map in-game;
  • You can make a game where you tilt your phone to change the gravity;
  • Or maybe just make a game where you blow in the microphone to blow balloons.

There are a load of possibilities that are not explored because our fixation with touch controls as our main input.

Computer games:

I mainly made this game jam for mobile games only, but some game engines can't export to mobile or even you may not be to familiar with mobile games, so I made it also for computer games. But as computers don't all have touch screens (And even if they do, it's not the primary control method like on mobiles) so you are not allowed to use the mouse.

It is quite hard to imagine playing a game without a mouse, but frankly, there are already to many buttons on the darn thing! And unless you want to make an FPS or a real-time strategy game you should be fine. I will now make another short list to give you some ideas:

  • You could make a catapult game where you use the arrow keys to adjust the trajectory of the rocks inside it;
  • If you want to make a 3d game, use "tank controls" (Something like arrow keys to look, WSAD to move etc.);
  • You could make a turn-based strategy game;
  • You could make a card game where instead of the mouse, you use QWERTY to select your cards and then maybe type a letter and a number to move it to a particular spot on the table (Like on the chess board from below).
  • Chess board with numbers on the side

There are quite a load of possibilities here, so feel free to explore and make interesting games.

Also, you are allowed to post older games that you made without using the touch screen on mobile or the mouse on pc's, but you must type in the title or description "made before the competition"

The voting criterias:

  1. Originality
  2. Creativity
  3. How good was the input method used?
  4. Art and Style
  5. Music And Sounds
  6. Gameplay

And that's about it!

Good luck to you all!

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